As a pharmaceutical manufacturer you face daily challenges in providing cost effective high-level solutions for running your laboratory. You know the importance of acquiring quality equipment at cost effective prices. Glass vials are a necessity in an lab and this is one piece of equipment you cannot afford to cut corners on, otherwise the integrity of your samples will be compromised and you will be unable to maintain your excellent professional reputation.

Wheaton provides a variety of glass vials to suit your unique laboratory environment, from glass sample vials, high recovery vials, liquid scintillation vials to glass ampules. High recovery glass vials are the perfect solution for measuring samples, storing specimens and testing reagents. They also have the added benefit of allowing more controlled sample dispensing with pipettes and syringes.

High Recovery Vials vs. Sample Vials

High Recovery Vials vs. Standard Flat Bottom Sample Vials

If you are using standard flat bottom vials to store your samples, because the whole sample cannot be retrieved, each one must be slightly overfilled so that a sufficient volume of the sample may be extracted.

High recovery vials have a great advantage over standard sample vials. They reduce residual waste by up to 99%: this is because they are designed with an interior conical tip which allows downward draining and pooling of the liquid contents, so all the contents can be withdraw using a pipette or syringe. By choosing high recovery vials, you are making a more cost-effective decision by avoid overfilling vials.

Why Choose Wheaton’s Vials?

When you consider priorities such as quality, safety and value for money as well as an impressive reputation for sample vials and high recovery vials, there are few suppliers that stand up to Wheaton. The company has been dedicated to providing clients with superior services for over a century. Not only that, experts at Wheaton continue to improve their products and services, which keeps them at the cutting edge of this technology. You can be assured that you will find:

  • Customized Services: Wheaton’s high level of service is reflected in their dedication to meeting each client’s unique requirements in order to reduce customer operating costs.
  • Variety of Products: From high recovery vials to sample vials and ampules, Wheaton can meet all your sample and pharmaceutical storage needs.
  • Supply Chain Solutions: Once you begin working with Wheaton, you can schedule regular orders and timely shipments so you’ll always have the equipment you need at hand.
  • Product Improvement: Wheaton is continually working to develop and improve specific designs for tubular vials and molded glass containers.
  • Code of Conduct: Every Wheaton employee values integrity, personal accountability, trust and teamwork.
  • Community Ethic: Members of Wheaton pride themselves on the fact that the company donates financial resources, time and compassion to serve and better the local community.

When you’re ready to restock the vials in your laboratory, consider choosing Wheaton’s glassware. You won’t find better quality products or a more convenient service anywhere else.