You are born healthy and remain so for some more years but somewhere down the line, you lose your health. This is because you neglect your body and take it for granted. It is difficult to become healthy at a later date. You think of health when aches and pains become part and parcel of your daily life and so make a vow to become healthy.

Getting a healthy body is not easy and it could not be attained easily. You should have a commitment for life rather than for some months and when you start making some incremental changes you can see differences in your body and mind. You get adapted to the new lifestyle and every small step counts. It is being slow and steady rather than trying to make big changes all at once.

You should always challenge yourself to become better and it is not to prove to someone. Steps of healthy living can be implemented if you really want to and they are general tips. Choose ones which suit your lives, set goals and work for achieving them. A healthy you is not only about your physique but also mentally. So start small and let change by the by-product of your efforts.


When you think of health you automatically think of exercise. It is not that you do not know about the benefits of exercise it is just that you do not have time and inclination to do it. When you exercise you become alert and more focused. Exercise at least five days a week to see the results. Choose one form of activity which suits you the best and at the same time calorie burning one.

Healthy Food

Cut down on your junk and start planning your meals. Opt for home cooked meals instead of takeaways. If you do not eat processed food regularly then, its effects will be seen easily. Do have your cheat days’ plans as an occasional indulgence will not harm you but leave you contented. Fruits and vegetables are must and at the same time limit your sugar and sodium consumption.

Practice Meditation

You should be healthy from inside. A healthy mind in a healthy body is a beautiful combination. Meditate regularly as it does away with the rashness in you. A calm and composed mind has more clarity and enthusiasm.

Sleep Well

Sleep is often neglected as people are glued to gadgets until midnight. Either they work or party until the wee hours of midnight or are glued to gadgets. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it and watch for yourself the wonders it does for you.

Wake Up Early

If you are a night owl then, start rescheduling your activities. Start by waking up half an hour earlier and try to make improvements by fixing your desired time. When you are up early you have lot of time on your hands and you can enjoy the sunrise and cool morning breeze.

Enjoy Outdoors

Spend some time focusing on your inner self. It could be done outdoors and you will start appreciating the beauty of nature and relax yourselves. This is very important as you will need a “me time”.


Give topmost priority to personal hygiene as this will show its results faster. If you do not concentrate on this you will start smelling bad. Shower twice on a daily basis and start enjoying a refreshed feeling.

Health Check-ups

It should be done yearly once and it will help you know how healthy you are. You can always work towards improving it. Get an appointment with the dentist twice a year and this will help you do away with unexpected complications at a later date. A dental hygiene is also a must for the whole well-being.


A positive attitude is very essential and if you do not have a positive attitude then the whole purpose is lost. Think positive and do away with negative thoughts.

Activity For The Brain

If physical activity is for the body then, mental activity is for the brain. Do some puzzles and play some number games as your brain needs to be used constantly. If the brain is not challenged you will definitely lose out on memory and reasoning.

Keep Away From Toxic People

Choose your friends matching your wavelength. Shun away from negative people as it will drain the positivity in you.


Get yourself organized. De-clutter quite often as a clean environment will help you work efficiently both at home and at office. If you lack organization then, that plays havoc on your daily life.

Power Dressing

Dress yourself in garments which suits you. If you project a confident picture then, people will start appreciating your efforts.


Be grateful for this wonderful life. If this beautiful quality is lost then no point in acquiring everything else.

These are some steps of healthy living and try to implement as much as possible.