People nowadays are very cautious about their health and go to considerable lengths to follow a strict diet plan and exercise regularly to stay strong and prevent themselves from falling sick. But diseases and ailments come unannounced, and anyone can fall ill, the nature of the illness may differ, however. There are mainly two types of illness namely acute and chronic.

An acute illness lasts for a few weeks and easily cured by taking necessary medications while chronic illness continues for a longer duration and not easily remedied and requires proper medical treatment. One of the means to stay healthy and aware of your internal functioning of organs is through undergoing lab test which includes blood or urine test. A person’s health is more significant than anything else and should come first, the blood test and other wellness test show the correct health information about an individual which helps the doctors to adequately diagnose the symptoms or infections a person may be experiencing. The blood test reveals the biochemistry details about the physiological condition of a person or patient and not only show the ongoing infections but point out other symptoms which can develop into a chronic ailment such as cancers, diabetes, heart attack or strokes.

A blood test is done in hospitals, private clinics and blood donation centers where there is phlebotomist who is qualified to draw, collect blood in tubes and send the sample for analysis. The urine and wellness test are also mostly done in the hospitals and clinics. The lab test is not that expensive as thought by most people. The blood test is ideal for prevention of disease, improving your memory and energy levels whereas urine test is done to know about kidney function, urinary infections, and detect whether a person has developed diabetes, high blood pressure or not. The lab test also includes a biopsy test where a part of the person’s tissue is removed during surgery and tested for the presence of cancer cells.

Many older adults whose movement is restricted and even people who have a busy schedule can now order their lab test through online method. There are many companies which are facilitating homebound patients and other people to download their online application on their smartphones and order the test they wish to have with just a click of a few buttons. The common reasons why some people find online procedure convenient are that either they do not have an insurance plan or their coverage is minimal and does not include the medical test they require.

The process of ordering your test online is relatively simple. The website provides a long list of testing options along with choosing the location center feasible to you and either paying online or by cash or credit/debit card the day of the test. When a person books a particular test, a confirmation message is sent to his/her email and phone. A person has the additional advantage of rescheduling the test as suits him/her the best.

The results of the lab test are quickly processed and sent, the patient or a person can view them through the email or the mobile application. The person or patient can share the lab test results with his/her consulting doctor who can examine the results and diagnose the illness by prescribing the correct medicine and treatment.

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Tom Williams is a medical lab technician and shares his experience on the internet and tells people that online lab test orders are very much available for the convenience to many homebound patients. You can get more information by following him on Twitter, and Facebook.