A large number of people suffer from gum problems. Folks who suffer from it usually experience swollen, painful and infected gums. This dental problem is actually more common in adults than that in children. If the problem is not properly treated and thoroughly cured, it can lead to complications. The early stage of the problem is known as gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis leads to periodontitis and it weakens the tissues that hold the teeth at their place. As a result, one can lose natural teeth because of gum infections.

Helpful Tips from Mill Hill Dentists To Cure and Prevent Gum Diseases

Early Symptoms

According to dental experts in London, at the initial stages, gum diseases are normally painless. When one develops gingivitis, one will suddenly develop bad breath in spite of properly brushing the teeth. Normally, it also bleeds while one brushes. The other symptoms to the problem include swollen, tender and reddishness in the gums.

Experienced dentists in Mill Hill point out that one should never ignore any of these symptoms as early signs of gingivitis. At one stage, pus may even be seen depositing around the teeth and the gums inside the mouth. Then, at one stage the condition leads to mild pain especially when one chews food. Gradually, the pain becomes more acute and finally, the teeth will become excessively sensitive to cold or hot foods items and beverages. If proper treatment is not started in time, the problem may lead to teeth loss.

Causes Behind the Disease

According to oral health experts, most gum diseases are formed because of building up of plaques on the teeth. Plaques are a kind of sticky substance that remains full of various types of bacteria. Some of these microorganisms are harmless but the majority of those are severely harmful for our dental health. If the plaques are not carefully removed by proper brushing, the harmful bacteria present in it start irritating the gums.

Treatment for Gum Infection

Plaques that lead to gingivitis are usually removed by professionally cleaning the teeth. An experienced dental surgeon normally provides the teeth cleaning service. People, who are prone to gum infections should schedule appointment with oral health experts every six months.

When the infection is at an advanced stage, the dental expert may perform scaling and root planning. These days, dental practices are using ultrasonic scaling device to clean the teeth from tartar, plaques and tiny food particles suspended within the teeth.

At some advanced oral health practices like Mill Hill dental clinic, the professionals even apply laser treatments to remove the harmful deposits of tartar.

Preventive Measures

In order to prevent gum infections, one needs to prevent building up of plaques and tartar deposits on the teeth. Maintaining oral hygiene on regular basis is a good way to keep dental conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis away. One should brush the teeth twice daily using any fluoride toothpaste. Regular flossing is also helpful to keep the teeth clean of tartars and plaques. Smoking increases the chance of developing gingivitis to a great extent.

There are hundreds of over-the-counter medicines that cut off saliva flow in the mouth. These medicines should be avoided to prevent gum infection. Moreover, people who suffer from diabetes should be more careful as they are more likely to develop this dental condition.