Clothes label is not just a graphical presentation giving your business an identity. On the contrary, the clothes label is the pillar that holds the brand successfully. Brand recognition is important and that comes with the help of the logos on the clothes labels. Understanding the importance of labels designers must note the pitfalls and principles of creating a logo for your business. Designers must always remember that logo design is not just about sketching, shaping and coloring to give an identity to the clothes business.

In fact, logo design is beyond just random designing and it needs to go through several steps and each step requires a lot of planning and creative thinking. The basic framework of logo design that goes on the clothes labels and the hang tags for clothing need to be simple yet versatile. This helps in increasing the retention span of the target audience towards the clothes brand. This assessment is important in order to understand whether the design you have created is appropriate for what the business stands for. So, make sure that the logo design you have created is in sync with the business idea. The step by step processes involved in logo design for clothes labels and clothes hang tags are:

  • Understand the Brand – Designers need to communicate with the managers to understand the business and get a clear perspective. This is followed by a proper research on the business and the kind of logo designs that can match the business. A proper background research and drawing proper references are also important. All this helps in creating an apt logo.
  • Know the Typography – Typography is beyond just placing fancy color and shape in the letters. On the contrary, it is important to add creativity but care needs to be taken that you don’t overdo it. The typography needs to be creative enough to stand out and grab attention but balanced enough to not hit the eye.
  • Experiment with the Graphic Design – When it comes to logo design you are allowed to go dynamic and experiment with different styles. But when it comes to the logo don’t use more than two shades of color and two different font styles. More than two styles or colors give the logo a very clumsy look. The design needs to be appealing and should manage to stand the test of time so that it remains fashionable in spite of the changing trends.
  • Look for Logo Design Options – Options are always good because that means you have a good range to choose from. This helps in making a better selection and ensuring that the design matches all the items mentioned in your checklist. So, always have options when you are presenting the logo designs.
  • Space Out the Designs – The designs you plan for your clothes’ logo needs to be well spaced out so that you avoid the cramped look. When it comes to proper spacing, strike the right balance because if having the designs very close to each other makes the label look cramped, then having the designs farther away might make the logo look very sketchy. So, make sure that you are well aware of the right spacing in the designs you add to the logo.

It is time to let the creativity get the better of you because that is the only way to come up with visually appealing designs that will go a long way in branding your business.