Electronic Cigarette has gained popularity since last decade. It is wonderful device invented by Chinese pharmacist in the early years of this century. At present, there are multiple types of personal vaporizers available in world’s cig market. Hence, selecting the best cigarette having all the needed features among them is little difficult.

Guide Points To Buy The Best Kinds Of Electronic Cigarettes

If you are a first time user of cig, you may find it easier to choose the one, which will give you total satisfaction. You will not have any idea about E Cig usage and the working pattern of it. Here are some guidelines to have more info about Personal vaporizers.

The 4 Main Types of E Cigs:

Disposable E Cigs: It has proven to be ideal choice for first time users. It is a great device while travelling and you can have maximum 400 puffs from per E cig. You just have to open its lid, vape the flavored E liquid and dispose it when it is finished.

Disposable E Cig:  It is mostly preferred by users, who like to puff the exact replica of original tobacco cigarettes. It is readily available everywhere, even in petrol refill stations. Some kinds of it can be recharged or you can change the cartridge. Compared to other e Cigs, its battery life is short and the replaceable cartridge is expensive. Some users even feel that it does not give maximum strength of vaping as other type of E Cigs.

There are numerous well-designed disposable E Cigs available in the market. If you like to puff occasionally or you are new to the cigarette world, then it is the best suitable electronic cigs for you.

  • Refillable E cigs: This is widely popular among the cig users, who likes to vape often and for individuals, who think it is a waste to throw cartridges after a single use. You can refill a cartomizer ten times before throwing it. You can save money too. You can unscrew the lid and fill it or use drip method to protect E Cig from wastage while refilling.
  • Variable voltage/wattage: This is advanced personal vaporizer in which the user of the E Cig can customize the vapor production. It is done by changing the voltage of the device to feel the throat hit you prefer. The advantage is that it produces more vapor than normal E Cig.

The mechanism is same as normal Electronic Cig, buy it includes booster or buck circuit that aids in storing the power to regulate it to have the desired voltage. Many of them have microprocessor for safety. It helps in indicating when the voltage selected is unsafe. Due to its added advantage, it is little costlier. It can work quite well with any atomizer.

  • Stacked battery mod E cig: These cigs are shaped like tube having 3-volt batteries stacked in series to have 6-volt operation. It is little cheaper than variable voltage E cigarettes.

The Other Popular Modern E Cigs are:

  • E-Go electronic cig: This kind of cigs has larger battery and you can customize the strength of vapor to inhale. Mostly used by experienced users of the modern cig version. It uses standard 510 threading, it helps in any cartridge of the same threading. It has larger capacity tank and high power battery. Thus, you can vape the whole day without the tension of refilling or recharging. This facility helps you to have your own choice of E – liquid. Hence, you can taste the preferred flavored E – liquid. At present, it is the most salable cig for its added advantage of experiencing stronger vapor and throat hits.
  • Starter kits: It is a complete pack consisting of good quality rechargeable E Cigs with other accessories like charger, five to ten cartridges and wall adapter. It is mostly bought by first time users. You can select either automatic E Cig or the manual modern cig. Some brand companies even give more than one battery. The flavor of E liquid filled in cartridge can be selected at the time of purchase. Few cigs companies have included manual to give valuable tips to first time users of electronic cigs.
  • Personal vaporizers: This type is one of the most saleable expensive E Cig. It has added modern technical features, which aids you to have full control over the amount of vaping and the desired strength of throat hit. People who like to puff continuously will surely buy this PV. It has large battery and high capacity tank in comparison to E – Go cigs. You don’t have to worry about recharging or refill of E liquid for the whole day. You are able to adjust the right output of battery to have the needed temperature to heat the E – Liquid.

There are multiple vendors in markets, who sell high quality E Cigs at reasonable rate. The modern battery operated cigs is divided into three main categories. They are:

  • Mini: It is mainly preferred by people, who like to have the duplicate of the original cig. It is even fondly called as cig- a – like. It is small, quite light weight and gives the same feeling of holding original cigarette. It is one of the cheapest ways to start vaping E Cig. Upgrade options are quite less than other modern E Cigs, hence not preferred by heavy users or people who like to customized their vapor strength.
  • Mid size E Cigs: It is best for regular users. It is extremely popular because of its normal size and the capacity to give full strength vaporization effects. Most of mid size e cigs type can be manually operated by pressing a side button. It is an inexpensive e cig providing desired level of performance.
  • Advanced E cigs: Popularly known as ‘Mods’ allows users to have full control of customizing the vaping strength and intensity of throat hits. It is cylindrical having 3.7 lithium ion cells battery pack. The main special features, which make them unique, are integral liquid feel, different style tanks, digital readouts, variable voltage and full electronic control. Mostly used by experienced E Cigs users.

For more info about different kinds of Electronic Cigarettes from reputed brands such as NuCig, you can always read descriptive notes from the online sites.