Dubai may seem like just another megacity, but it is a lot more than that. The small human settlement on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula is a treasure chest of culture and adventure. Hordes of globetrotters on Dubai holidays are a testament to the popularity of this place. What makes Dubai stand out among the infinite tourist destinations in the world is the wide array of things you can do here! From trying out thrilling water sports like kite surfing, water-boarding and jet skiing, to shopping at The Dubai Mall, among the world’s largest shopping complexes; there is nothing you can’t find here.

While thinking of Dubai, what quickly crosses one’s mind is the mighty Burj Khalifa. This striking building pierces the sky at 828 metres and makes other skyscrapers look dwarfs. Just imagine something almost three times taller than the soaring Eiffel Tower. It is fascinating to see how a tiny 19th-century fishing village has now turned into a hub of the biggest and largest of such man-made structures. Read further, and learn what all things you can do to make your vacations in Dubai unforgettable.

Enhance Dubai Holidays Experience

Visit the Engaging Neighbourhood of Bastakia Quarter

If you love exploring diverse cultures, then there is no better place to go than Bastakia Quarter. This peaceful but appealing neighbourhood, located in Bur Dubai on the banks of the Creek, was settled in the late 19th century by hand-full of rich Iranian textile and pearl traders. A trip to this place will take you back in time and unravel the mysteries of old Emirati lifestyle. The winding streets of this site are fringed with restored merchant houses. If you are here, make it a point to visit Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. One of the most elegant buildings in the area, it is adorned with a courtyard that has hanging oil lamps, intricate grilles and wooden lattice. Move upstairs and from the roof view the wind towers, the traditional air conditioners that funnelled down cool air into the rooms. Culture-centred Dubai tour packages often include an excursion to this site in their itinerary.  

Go For a Desert Safari

Among the largest sandy landscapes in the world, the Arabian Desert has a charm that is hard to describe in words. Bordered by the Syrian Desert in the north and the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden in the south, this distinct geographical feature has been a highlight of this nation for a long time now. During Dubai holidays, backpackers find different ways to traverse the dunes and one of the most popular ways is a 4×4 automobile expedition. Adventure freaks can look for such itineraries that include exhilarating dune bashing. Feel the adrenaline running through your body while cruising up and down on loose sands. Such jaunts often include additional activities like henna tattoos, traditional dance, etc. Alternatively, if you are looking for an authentic desert safari experience, then go for a camel ride. Follow the footsteps of Bedouins and get a glimpse into their culture and traditions.

Discover the Cityscape with a Plane/Helicopter Ride

No one can deny that this emirate has a captivating skyline. When some of the world’s most zealously designed buildings and artificial archipelagos are located at one place, then how can it not gather the attention of the world. Just so locals and visitors can capture the sights of this cityscape from above, several helicopter and seaplane tours are organised here. From trips ranging from about half an hour to around 3 hours, tourists can choose the one that they like and make some everlasting memories.

Apart from the several other things that you can do in Dubai, these are a few that you can experience to enhance the thrill of your Dubai holidays.