As the American economy slowly lifts its head back up from the Great Recession’s double-dip escapade, living a more frugal lifestyle is no longer associated with a stigma like it did at the end of the 20th century. Remember those days? When wallets were liberally stuffed to the brim with cash, birthday parties had giant chocolate fondue fountains and you’d rent out a jet ski on a Tuesday afternoon. Well, may be you don’t remember. If one thing is for certain, though, it’s that times have changed and money carries much more weight than it used to.

In today’s economy, cutting down on expenses is not only difficult to achieve, it’s a downright art form. In order to be successful at it, you have to think carefully and meticulously of where your money is going and how to perimeter its expenses. In terms of cable, phone and Internet expenses, with a few poor financial decisions, they can quickly rival your monthly mortgage costs.

Read on for ways to cut down on your digital expenses, they could be the best financial decisions you make this year.

Group Your Services

Your home is virtually a landfill of communication, thanks to talking on the phone, taking with gamers around the world, TV services and Internet streaming. Fortunately, many service providers today offer you with plenty of deals on packaging products, such as Vonage home phone services. It’s imperative that you look for ways to save on spending by researching grouping deals, which is cheaper route versus paying for items individually.

Get Public

There is absolute no shame in utilizing the public libraries’ digital services. You may even be surprised of the diversity regarding free and dependable electronic services are available. Why tack on the bills with surfing the web or uploading documents when your public library lets you do it for free.

Quit TV Cold Turkey

With so much availability regarding Internet entertainment, you may want to consider dropping your cable service provider all together.

Of course, this takes bravery and time for recovery, but the upside of not having to pay your cable bill each month could potentially be a life changing decision. Entire series of popular sitcoms, live sports streaming, gaming, AppleTV and so much more is all accessible within your Internet service.

Get Business-savvy

This takes a bit of a “poker face” mentality, but it could save you a bundle of cash. Negotiate your rate with one of your digital providers customer service department. Politely threaten that you plan on taking your business elsewhere as their prices are too expensive. By using this tactic, you may be offered a promotional rate that is unadvertised publicly. And don’t take these promotional rates lightly as they can dramatically reduce your costs of monthly digital bills. Be persistent if you’re service provider representative isn’t buying your story. Work your way up that infamous corporate latter and state your concerns, while negotiate a possibly alternative on your rates.