Everyone knows that Reykjavik is the coldest and the loneliest capital abandoned in the North Atlantic Ocean. However, even the most inveterate tourist can find a lot there – extreme racing near the lake, a trip to the volcano and bathing in hot geysers.

The only thing that overshadows any visitor of Reykjavik is an expensive food, which may not be affordable even for the richest tourists. Prices in local restaurants can shock anyone. A modest dinner at an ordinary café will cost you about $25-45.The price for a bottle of wine starts from $40, the cheapest beer – $6.

But fortunately, Reykjavik can offer some places, where you can enjoy tasty dinner without breaking your budget. So, where to find cheap eats in Reykjavik?…

Icelandic Fish & Chips

Icelandic Fish & Chips is the place which is definitely worth your attention. This ‘organic bistro’ is situated near the harbor and never causes complaints from the locals and tourists. Its menu changes daily, but fried fish is always very popular there. You can choose haddock, cod, wolf fish or halibut. This amazing dish will cost you not more than $15 which is a very decent price for Reykjavik. Your fish can also be baked in barley dough and sprinkled with spices. As a garnish, you can order fried potato chips, onion rings and a variety of salads. Local beer ‘Kaldi’ will be a nice and money-saving addition to your dinner.

Address: Tryggvagata 11, Reykjavik

Coordinates: 64.149958, -21.942711

Hours: Monday-Sunday 11.30am-9pm


Tapas Barinn Tavern

For those tourists who want to go deeper into the Icelandic cuisine, Tapas Barinn Tavern offers a perfect solution. You can order there a grilled lobster, bacon with shellfish, and even whale meat, which is served in small pieces at very reasonable price. The majority of the dishes will cost you about $10-15. The price for a bottle of wine starts from $32. Tapas Barinn is a very popular spot among those who like to relax, so you need to book a table in advance.

Address: Vesturgata 3b, Reykjavik

Coordinates: 64.148699, -21.942048

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 5pm-11.30pm, Friday-Saturday 5pm-1am

Grilled Lobster

Café Paris

Café Paris is a cozy establishment and a wonderful place to have a bite or just enjoy a cup of latte. As a supplement, you can order a very large portion of the banana split for $12. Coffee prices start from $4. Generally, Cafe Paris is not particularly cheap culinary establishment, but there are often daily offers at attractive rates. This is one of the best spot to eat in Reykjavik in terms of price for food.

Address: Austurstræti 14, Reykjavik

Coordinates: 64.147568, -21.938752

Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-12am

Banana split at Ghirardelli

Pizza With No Name

Surprisingly, but traditional Italian pizza is an extremely popular dish in Iceland. For example, Pizza with No Name Cafe offers the cheapest pieces of pizza, and the most welcoming atmosphere in Reykjavik. If you get a closer look at this pizzeria, you will notice that it’s very similar to a real English pub, where you can enjoy tasty food at attractive rates. The biggest pizza available at Pizza With No Name will cost you about $13. By the way, this pizza is enough to satisfy the hunger of 3 persons.

Address: Hverfisgata 12, Reykjavik

Coordinates: 64.147155, -21.932954

Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-9pm


Noodle Station

Fast and tasty – these 2 words most accurately describe the Noodle Station Restaurant. The choice of food is quite normal: noodle soup with beef or chicken. Recently the place has introduced the menu for vegetarians.  The restaurant’s dishes are relatively cheap and at the same time hearty. The service is attentive and friendly. In general, in Noodle Station you can taste authentic Thai noodles, and try their amazing spicy soups!

Address: Laugavegur 86, Reykjavik

Coordinates: 64.143514, -21.918366

Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

10 facts about noodles?


Vitabar is a place offering tasty burgers. Hamburgers are very juicy, big and delicious there, the prices are low, and service quality is high compared with other similar bars. If you don’t mind to enjoy a burger after a busy day, then this is the spot you’ve been long looking for. Vitabar is not the most comfortable place, and the atmosphere is not the most attractive there. However, you will forget about it once you start eating your meal. A hamburger with blue cheese with mold is the tastiest choice called ‘the King of burgers’ in Reykjavik.

Address: Bergþórugata 21, Reykjavik

Coordinates: 64.142745, -21.923515

Hours: Monday-Sunday 11.30am-1am

Cheese Lover's Burger at Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers

Baejarins Beztu

Baejarins Beztu is definitely a perfect spot to have a bite in case your budget is very limited. Baejarins Beztu is a hot dog restaurant. But hot dogs there are much better than those you are used to. The filling of the sausages is made of the freshest meat. Of course, ketchup, mustard, sauce, baked or raw onions are also added to the hot dog. Their price is very cheap – about $3, which is very affordable for any visitor of Reykjavik.

Address: Tryggvatagata 1, Reykjavik

Coordinates: 64.148256, -21.937902

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10am-1am, Friday-Saturday 10am-4.30am

Mmm... Chicago Style Hot Dog

As you can see, Reykjavik is not so expensive city as everyone thinks, and it offers a plenty of spots to eat for cheap. So, remember the above-mentioned establishments and visit at least one of them during your next Icelandic journey. By the way, using a rental car in Reykjavik you’ll find your restaurant much faster.