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Haderslev is a city in eastern South Jutland with about 22,000 inhabitants.At the takeaway restaurants you can come in and have a great experience with either friends, family or girlfriend. You can enjoy a drink at the takeaway restaurants in Haderslev or eat some delicious food that will create good memories for you. At the takers restaurants in Haderslev you can enjoy either a pizza, a durum, a sandwich, a roll, a burger, a salad, a pasta dish, a barbecue, a garlic bread, a special meat, an omelette, a chicken and more. There is also plenty to choose from when the thirst is to be turned off. You can choose between these cold drinks: Water, Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light, Sprite, Fanta, Coke or Wine.

The takeaway restaurants in Haderslev have everything the stomach asks for. There is something for you that is challenging and loving to taste new things, and for you there is a bit of fun in terms of food. It offers everything between heaven and earth. The takeaway restaurants in Haderslev will look forward to welcoming everyone. The food will create memories, joy, and good atmosphere with you.

  1. Pinocchio Pizza

Pinocchio Pizza has a very wide menu ranging from pizza to pasta dishes.You can find exactly what you want. It has  a very large selection of especially Italian pizzas. Are you a big lover of Italian pizza, then we are sure that Pinocchio Pizza is just the place for you.


2. U.S Pizza Express

U.S Pizza in Haderslev has a very wide selection of different tasty pizzas and dishes. We are sure that you can find just what you want to eat in US Pizza. Our       focus is especially on our food quality and always tries to raise our level. We therefore also focus on getting the best service.


3. Pizza Top

With our wide variety of dishes and pizzas, we are at Pizza Top to make sure that you as you can get what you need. We will make every effort to make you feel good at Pizza Top. We will always improve our food quality so that we can raise our level and for you as a customer, will only be happy and fully satisfied with.


4. Milano Pizza

At Milano Pizza, the goal has always been to satisfy you 100% in full. We will always do our best to make sure you have a great experience with us and that it will be a pleasure for you to eat again. We at Milano Pizza in Haderslev will always improve our food quality and raise our level.


5. Hoptrup Pizzeria

Hoptrup Pizza & Grill focuses first and foremost on the fact that you as a customer are 100% satisfied. We focus not only on our food quality, but also on our service. Of course, we will always improve our food quality and raise our level, so get past and get a good experience.