The first thing that you may have is popular question about the weather. Of course, you should know what kind of clothes you must have to feel comfortable. If you want to know about the right clothes to buy, you should learn about the weather first.

The geographical position of Iceland is well-known fact. So, everybody knows that the summer is cold and winter is not frosty in Iceland. The average winter temperature is about zero, summer temperature is 10-11 degrees. Nevertheless, the stormy winds and often rains bother you all the time. The weather is changeable. It changes every 5 minutes. One way or another, summer is the most comfortable season to discover the Iceland landscapes. You may hire a car in Reykjavik and start your trip comfortably, no matter what the weather is.

Iceland is the wild combination of volcanoes, snowfields, waterfalls and geysers. It is sunny and welcoming on a good weather. Nevertheless, the country is dangerous and impressive on a winter day.

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Planning the active trip out of the capital, you should pay enough attention to the comfortable tracking boots, water resistant jacket and pants. Umbrella is the most useless item in your bag when the weather is windy. The experienced travellers always buy clothes from the specialized brands, like The North Face, Arcteryx, Berghaus, Rab. Your favorite jeans and sneakers are helpful just for walking over the Iceland capital. They are absolutely useless on the wild nature. Your clothes must be warm but light. Every cloth item has its own important function.

Tracking Boots

This is one of the most important cloth items. You cannot save money from it. Do you feel comfortable in your boots? The pair of shoes for Iceland that you are going to buy must be absolutely comfortable. Try to buy them in the specialized shop with the wide choice and experienced shop-assistants. Pay attention to Lowa, Salomon, Jack Wolfskin. If you buy a pair of good tracking boots, you should also buy a pair of good woolen socks. Think of Chamonix Merino Wool.

Thermal Underwear

This is a base layer that is important to control your body temperature. Pay attention to these popular underwear brands: Icebreaker, Bergans, Arcteryx.

Fleece Jacket

This is an easy-to-buy jacket as you can find it in the sport shop. Do you want to know the most popular brands? They are The North Face, Arcteryx and Berghaus.

Wind-Water-Resistant Jacket

You can find the big variety of nice models of different colors. Pay attention to the cloth labels. There must be the sign GORE-TEX.

Wind-Water-Resistant Pants

It is not easy to find the right size and good-fitted tracking pants. Pay attention to Craghoppers Kiwi Pro to be very comfortable.

Light Down Jacket

Of course, the down jacket is not the necessary thing in your valise for summer. How about Ayacucho? It is good on a rainy cool day.

Hat, Gloves

The hat and gloves are made of warm materials, resistant to wind and water.

Swimming Suit

Oh, don’t be surprised! There are many hot thermal basins around the big cities. There are also outdoor basins. The main of them is Blue Lagoon!

Blue Lagoon


Iceland is especially beautiful in winter. It is very cold. The temperature is low and there is strong wind and fog.

Hat, Scarf

The first and the most important moment – you cannot go somewhere without a hat and scarf. It is too much windy here. You have to wear a hat to protect your head, neck, ears and nose from cold. The wind is very strong and you cannot go outside without the reliable protection.


The question of boots is very important. Everything depends on what you are going to do in Iceland. If you are going to spend time out of the big cities, you have to wear tracker shoes and woolen socks. Your lovely boots are not the right variant for heavy snow. Walking around the city, you can wear the high boots, boots. It is not a problem to wear the autumn boots in winter. The roads in the big cities are heated from the underground with thermal water. The road is warm and clean then. Your legs are in safe.



You have to take your warm coat with you. You can also take your fur coat to Iceland. It is very important to be warmly dressed. If you think that you may spend much time outdoors with your tiny down jacket, you are wrong. Of course, Iceland is oriented to be ecological and natural country: there are natural water basins, electro cars, natural fur coats and jackets everywhere. In short, if you have a fur coat, it is better to take it with you for winter. Otherwise, you will spend much time in your car or hotel, but not out of the city.

There are many excursions, when you are offered to wear special clothes. Never refuse from taking it. It is necessary to wear professional water resistant clothes during the boating or whales hunting. Your warm jacket cannot save your from the cold water or heavy wind.

Whale Watching in Iceland

It is not necessary to take the heavy valise full of warm clothes from home. You can buy it right here, in Iceland. Pay attention to 66 North. You can find the shop of this brand just from the airport. What a lucky moment! The assortment and prices you can find before, from the website. You should take your thermal underwear for winter and summer, no matter. How about buying the super soft Iceland sweater and wind protective cream?

You may also use internet shops to buy one or another cloth item, using sales and special proposals. This is your chance to travel in comfort. Remember that good high quality clothes are not cheap. The next point is defining with the car to rent and hotel to stay in. Every little thing is important.