A car accident is an incredibly traumatic thing to go through. With little warning, a victim can find him or herself in dire danger and physical pain. And even after the accident is over, the pain and the problems can linger. A car accident victim will have new expenses and may have new limitations. They’ll have to deal with insurance companies and police reports. They’ll have to recover physically and mentally, and may miss work. And they’ll need help: from mechanics, doctors, psychiatrists, and insurance adjusters.

And, quite likely, from a lawyer.

How a lawyer can help you after a car accident

If you’re in the situation described above, it’s very possible that you could benefit from retaining a personal injury attorney. The consequences of a car accident can be dire, and while not all of them are financial, a monetary award or settlement can go a long way towards reducing stress and mending your personal financial situation.

No legal process can completely restore your health or peace of mind. But if you were physically or mentally harmed in a car accident, you’ll find that treatment can be expensive. Doctors, psychologists, and physical therapists are essential expenses when you’re recovering from a car accident, but they’re not expenses that you should have to bear on your own. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay – and a good personal injury attorney will make sure that you don’t.

Do You Need A Lawyer After Your Car Accident ?

Even if all of that medical treatment is covered, you won’t necessarily be out of the financial woods. After all, you need to take the time to actually receive that treatment. Time spent in hospitals and doctors’ offices is time that you can’t spend at work, and that can translate to lost income – especially for hourly employees, business owners, and freelancers. That’s unfair: why should you lose money when it wasn’t you who caused the accident? The person who should pay is the party that caused the accident, and that’s exactly what your attorney will help you to make happen.

Your health is the most important thing to worry about after an accident, but there’s another obvious expense that will come up after a crash: your car! Insurance may help you out a bit, but if your brand new Honda is totalled, you’re not likely to get the full, undepreciated value of a brand-new Honda back from your insurance company. You could be left opting for a used car or a less expensive model, or making up the difference yourself. It’s just another in a long list of expenses that can stem from a single accident, and it’s another reason to demand financial compensation if you have been wronged.

There are many legitimate expenses that accompany a typical car crash – more even that we have listed here. And, on top of these, there are less concrete damages suffered in accidents, from mental trauma to physical pain. You have a right to financial compensation if you suffered consequences like these in an accident that was somebody else’s fault. That’s why you should reach out to a personal injury attorney and explain your situation. Your attorney will be able to speak with you about the particulars of your case and give you legal advice tailored to your specific situation. Don’t suffer any more than you have to over an accident that wasn’t your fault! Speak to a lawyer and seek compensation.