GIF is a file format that enables you to make use of an array of separated frames and then put them together to make a type of animation. It is very helpful to use animated GIFs that offer many advantages. Animated gifs have relatively smaller file sizes, which means that they can easily used online since they can load faster and yet have a best quality. The smaller size gifs also support visible background and hence can help providing professional look for a website featuring animation over any other different background. The other perk of gifs is that it can show something in a much better way than that would be possible normally since they show movement and emotions that a still image would not be able to, which might also be helpful while developing tutorial animations.

Exceptional uses of gifs

Use of gifs can entice people, especially younger audiences since children may be better amused by these sorts of animated gifs. Using gifs successfully is relied on how they are handled. If they are used in the right way and are effective and simple, they will work out extraordinarily and offer the site with a professional look.

  • Gifs for product illustrations

One of the classiest uses of gifs is that they are employed for product illustrations. No matter whether you have looped video about your product or have a CGI animation, adding in a gif to assist customers view things in a better way is a smarter idea. Gifs are more recommended for products, which are completely 3D, hence that would not be suitable for items like posters or t-shirts.

  • Deliver visual instructions

The How-to-Videos are necessarily not the right techniques to offer demonstrations. It is sometimes better divide the steps into different gifs including a textual aid. If you work on a how-to-section for your product or website, it would be better shooting different video clips of every step and transform them as GIF animations. In case of websites, you can separate every animation containing a paragraph that describes what is going on. Presentations can easily feature an animation for every slide. You must note that you need not have to create gifs for all the steps. For websites, this potentially could restrict page load times, thus use the animations if only needed. In addition, when you have access to the creation of 3D animations, you can possibly develop simple animations that are effortless to load.

  • Demonstrate UX

For application developers, gifs can be a more easy technique of making potential users understands how your app works exactly. On recording the screen, you can able to show the users how the application works in real time. Or else, you could develop a visual presentation with proper animation software and vectored files.

  • Make fun with your social accounts

We all prefer having a little fun at certain times. While Instagram and Vine allow video recordings, it is easy for users to incorporate gifs on Facebook into comment threads and also as a display picture for twitter. You can also employ gifs in your emails and also on the messaging applications of iOS. This could offer a bit of interest to the conversation and include some potential humor to rather dull text-based discussions.