Reykjavik is a unique place. It looks more like a provincial town, but actually it’s the capital of the ‘ice country’. The city offers a great variety in terms of food. In Reykjavik you can taste dishes of Asian, European, African cuisine and many others. As the city is surrounded by the water, it’s famous for its great number of fish restaurants, and seafood dishes served there are just incredible. However, not all of them will suit your budget. So, here are 7 Money-Saving Restaurants of Reykjavik…

Noodle Station

10 facts about noodles?

Fast and tasty! The choice is quite common there: soup with noodles and beef or with chicken. Also, there’s a vegetarian food. The restaurant offers dizzying aromas, friendly and quick service. In general, Noodle Station is the best spot to taste real Thai noodles, and try the amazing spicy soup!

Address: Laugavegur 86

Working Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-10pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm-10pm



Sushi has long been appreciated by everyone in Iceland and the number of sushi bars grows rapidly. Sushibarinn is a tiny sushi bar where only 6-8 people can comfortably sit and enjoy their meals. Sushi and rolls are quite cheap there, and they are cooked quite qualitatively. Taste ‘rolls of the week’ – usually a portion consists of 8 pieces and costs about $10.

Address: Suðurlandsbraut 10

Working Hours: Monday-Saturday 11.30am-10pm, Sunday 5pm-10pm


Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur


This is not even a restaurant, but a kiosk selling amazingly tasty hot dogs. Once ‘The Guardian’ (British newspaper) published that Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur offers the best hot dogs in Europe! So, large queues are expected there, but it’s worth it! If you ask any local about a quick snack, he, most likely, will tell you about this restaurant. And when your turn comes, just order ‘Eina með öllu’, which means ‘one hot dog with all the stuffings’.

Address: Tryggvatagata 1

Working Hours: Sunday-Thursday 10am-1am, Friday and Saturday 10am-4.30am




Hamburgers are big and delicious there! This is an excellent spot to go to after an exhausting day or a cheerful pastime in the night club. Hamburgers there, perhaps, are the best in Reykjavik. And the place is classy and atmospheric. Hamborgarabullan is situated near the harbor, so that you can sit on the terrace enjoying the meal and fresh sea air. Try the béarnaise sauce (a sauce of melted butter, shallots, chervil, tarragon and white wine vinegar) with French fries.

Address: Geirsgata 1

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 11.30am-9pm



low-key, cheap dinner (vegetarian sub and a small caramel shake) from a fast food place, Hlöllabátar

Situated on Ingolfstorg Square, this fast food restaurant, however, has become an integral part of Reykjavik’s night scene since 1994. You can order there large sandwiches, which will be served immediately. The locals usually come there for a snack after a long party, before heading home. Also, there are some options for vegetarians.

Address: 101 Reykjavík

Working Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-2am, Friday and Saturday 10am-5.30am, Sunday 10am-12am



Vitabar is another place to enjoy hamburger for lunch or dinner. Hamburgers are juicy, big and tasty there. Compared to other similar bars, the prices are low, but the quality is higher. If you don’t mind eating a burger and drinking a beer, then this is the spot you have been looking for. Vitabar is not the coziest place, and the atmosphere is not the most attractive. However, you will forget about the inconvenience as soon as you start eating your meal. A hamburger with mildew-cheese is the ‘king of burgers’ in Reykjavik.

Address: Bergþórugata 21

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-1am


Café Babalú

breakfast at Café Babalú

Babalu is a nice vegetarian cafe with a homely atmosphere. In addition to tasty meals, it offers various board games. There’s a cozy terrace where you can sit on a sunny day. The Babalu’s menu includes snacks, cakes and pretty good coffee. The staff is friendly, the setting is rather relaxed. So, the spot is ideal for the whole family. Don’t miss to try the local pancakes!

Address: Skólavörðustígur 22

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-11pm


Devitos Pizza

Probably, almost every local has been there. For many, this place is the last point in night vigils. People visit Devitos Pizza, of course, because of the delicious Italian pizza. The interior is super-simple: tables with chairs, and nothing else. At first sight, the place may seem not very comfortable. But, despite these shortcomings, pizza is very juicy and tasty there. By the way, Devitos also offers a takeaway pizza.

Address: Laugavegur 126

Working Hours: Monday-Sunday 10.30am-2am

Brick Oven Special Pizza

Well, Reykjavik is not a cheap destination in terms of eating out. However, these spots allow you to have a snack without breaking the budget, especially if it’s limited. Fortunately, many of the establishments are opened until late at night, so you can satisfy your hunger almost at any time of the day.

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