Big things or small things a family loves to celebrate every moment together. Apart from holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, the families try and extract small tiny bits of celebrations and gather the happiness and fun time spent together with fun and joy. Celebrations mean new clothes, gifts, games, desserts and so on. Therefore, celebrations aim at bringing people together.

Talking about making a celebration complete, one cannot forget the cake first of all. The cake is the centre of attraction of every celebration. The party is said to be incomplete without a delicious cake. The cake can be of any ingredient whether it is chocolate or vanilla, it must be there to complete the day’s celebration. Planning a dinner party at home or any other place the host can themselves make delicious cake at home. These days with the advent of technology and internet facilities, how to make cake with biscuits is made very easy and simple. Such cake does not take much of the time and can be prepared with very few ingredients. Now to celebrate any day, it has become very easy and brings joy to your home by simply making cake out of biscuits from home.

Variety of Desserts Made with Biscuits- 

Other than how delicious biscuits are, we all love them eating with tea and even to bring down the hunger. But, the main point that remains hidden is the basic simple recipes that can be made with biscuits for having an altogether different taste.

  • Sugar Knots- With only simple refrigerated buttermilk biscuits several knots of tasty sugar delight can be prepared. Heating the biscuits in oven and rolling them following simple steps can allow you to have simply baked sweet knots ready for the kids evening snacks.
  • Nankhatai- Being a popular Indian biscuit turned and twisted giving it a new flavour and name- nankhatai is made with sooji, maida and butter to create a melt-in-the-mouth treat. It is then topped with chopped cashewsand giving exclusive tastes delight.
  • Cake with biscuits- This is the most simple dessert that can be instantly prepared at home and is made with simple home ingredients. The time taken for cooking this cake is also very less and can be prepared in the oven, microwave or cooker. The cake can be made yummier by adding nuts and choco chips to it.
  • Chocolate biscuit slices- Another best dessert for enriching the taste of small evening parties is the chocolate biscuit slices. The blend of chocolate and biscuits mixed well together and turned into great slices helps giving it a perfect taste.
  • Strawberry biscuit shortcake kabobs- The strawberry biscuits are generally loved by all the kids. These biscuits are pierced with a skewer and on top of it fresh whipped topping is laid as an additional taste.

These recipes of desserts made with biscuits available at home are very simple to make. They can be tried with ease to enhance the party flavour and menu on the go.