The pub that easily wins the competition for the highest watering hole in the UK is up for sale. For a mere £900,000, you could be the owner of a hostelry that has been snowed in over 50 times.

The pub sits 1,732 feet above sea level, according to the Guardian. The Cat and Fiddle Inn, in the Peak District, competed for the title, but at a paltry 1,690 feet, the Tan Hill Inn coasted past it.

Best New Year Ever

Of course, the Tan Hill Inn always has the possibility of a snow-in being turned into a lock-in, and that’s what happened at the blissful New Year of 2009 when the choruses of Auld Lang Syne went on for three days as everyone was unable to leave because of snow fall.

Double glazing in Dublin is unlikely to be tested to the same degree as the windows of the Tan Hill Inn, but it never hurts to be prepared.

Height, History and Haunting Lights

The pub was built in the 17th century and is a listed building. It is full of beams and has open fires and stone flags on the floor. It sits on the top of a hill and is completely isolated, with fantastic 360-degree views all the way round. There are far worse places to come to terms with another year starting.

Britain's Highest Pub For Sale For £900k

An Inn on the site is mentioned in a 1586 guide book. It is described as a “solitary inn” as indeed the current inn still is. It’s not connected to the National Grid, so it has to use a generator for electricity, and the nearest village is four miles away.

There used to be a number of coal pits around Tan Hill, and the thirsty workers who dug them used the inn for well-earned refreshment. However, by 1929, the last mine had closed. By a tremendous stroke of luck, some thoughtful person had invented the motor car by then, so the pub stayed open because local farmers and car travelers used it.

You can sometimes see the Northern Lights eerily illuminating the pub in a green glow.

Finder’s Fee

Tracy, the current owner, is offering a 1 per cent commission to anyone who introduces a buyer, so be sure to pass the word around!