Anyone who spends a substantial amount of time outdoors, whether for work or for play, will have a few tips and trick that they can share. Many of those helpful hints revolve around the best ways to stay warm and dry. Anyone who has spent a substantial amount of time in the great outdoors knows how often a trials of unexpected cold will be encountered. Even people who commute by bus are aware that a sudden cold snap will leave them shivering and stamping their feet to keep warm, and the situation is much worse in the wilderness. Proper garments and preparation can literally make the difference between life and death for people spending a lot of time outside. The situation probably will not be that extreme under most conditions, but there is still a substantial difference between a day outdoors that has been destroyed by exposure and and a pleasant and productive time. Cold hands and cold feet will ruin any day, and as the time spent in the cold wears on, what begins as a mere unpleasantness can actually become quite dangerous. A day of cold, wet feet will sometimes translate into a serious illness that can linger for weeks.

It is always best to dress for the situation, but the problem with the outdoors is that the situation is always changing. That means that it is essential to be prepared for everything, but it is best to avoid burdening one’s self too much with heavy, bulky clothes that must be carried. Portable hand warmers and hunting hand warmers are the perfect solution. They are so light that they barely weigh a thing, but just a simple touch will generate hours of comfortable warmth. They can be used to warm one particular area or moved around to wherever needs attention the most. They even provide therapeutic, soothing heat to areas that have become strained or sore. Their convenient size means that they can be stored in a pocket when not in use.

Hunters, hikers, joggers, and everyone who puts in long hours in the unprotected open will swear by hand warmers. They are one of the single most useful inventions of humanity. People from previous generations would certainly have used them had they been around. What is more, these hand warmers are remarkably simple and easy to use. Their heating power comes entirely from basic chemistry, and they can even be synthesized from common household items. However, the professionally made hand warmers have all the advantages. Factory manufactured hand warmers are economical, utterly reliable, extraordinarily resistant to spillage, and perfectly shaped for their use. They are found in both disposable and rechargeable configurations. There are hand warmers that can be activated, used, and then discarded. There are also hand warmers that can be recharged in a pot of boiling water or a microwave. The option is entirely up to the consumer. The disposable hand warmers are sufficient for nearly any purpose imaginable, and their twelve hours of gentle warming action means that they have a comparatively small impact on the environment. The small environmental footprint of even the disposable variety is just one more reason that hand warmers are items of such universal popularity among outdoors enthusiasts and employees.