Many people all around the world both the men and women get cosmetic surgeries done. Now, most of the society looks down upon them or frown over this indulgence of theirs. Little do they know it’s much more than merely an indulgence. One can say the world is divided into people who support cosmetic surgeries and those who are against. This is mainly because for them the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa.

Let’s Analyze Both of Them


  • Confidence level 

We’ve grown in a society that heavily glorifies looking a certain way. It has made it desirable. People who lack those society-constructed desirable features tend to feel undesirable. This causes a dip in their confidence. Indians are obsessed with fair skin. This naturally makes dark-skinned people opt for solutions that’ll make them look fairer. This is where cosmetic surgery centers. It helps you to break the pressure media has created for you to be thin, fair and tall. Women can take consultation from the gynecology hospital or clinic regarding the right age to get enhancements or any other doubt.

  • Enhancement of beauty 

It makes you feel beautiful from outside, thus making you feel beautiful from inside. A woman who has small breasts can get them augmented by breast implants. Thus making her feel more effeminate and pretty.

  • Improvement in health

Many people’s health has considerably improved after getting cosmetic surgeries done. A person has had massive breasts all her life. A breast reduction surgery can greatly help in reducing the back pain she’s had. Many women complain about suffering extra pain in the back and shoulders due to the excessive burden put on by the large bust.

While there are clearly a lot of pros of cosmetic surgery but one can’t deny the host of risks it brings with it. Let’s have a look at the cons


  • It’s complicated 

Medical technology has improved rapidly and so has our trust in the system. But the thing we often forget is no matter how harmless cosmetic surgery seems, it’s still surgery. Each surgery brings with it a lot of complications that can arise from anesthesia or other drugs for example.

  • Sets unrealistic expectations

Many women and men have unrealistic expectations from cosmetic surgeries. Say they want to get under the knife to make their nose look a certain way. There’s a huge probability that what they might expect it will look like post-surgery wouldn’t be close to what it actually does after the surgery. This might again cause disappointment. This would result in a dip in self-esteem whose improvement was the reason in the first place to opt for a cosmetic surgery.

  • Expensive procedure 

Cosmetic surgery is an expensive procedure, no matter which one you opt for. Also, since it will require rest after the surgery, you’ll have to take off from work.

The cons haven’t been stated to discourage you. Medical sciences have revolutionized. A big example is the best IVF centre in India. So, just weigh the above-stated points and make a wise decision.