New York is a city with many options to enjoy a luxury life. There are a lot of luxurious activities you can do in NYC that requires the right amount of zeros in your bank account. But, even if you are not a millionaire, you can still taste a luxury lifestyle in New York without spending zillions of dollars. Following are some recommendations:

A Taste Of The New York Luxury Lifestyle

Wine 101

You may have heard fancy individuals talk about wine’s taste, tannins, and body, and you may have no idea about those characteristics of wine. If you think that white and red are the only types of wine, then you can educate yourself with the help of NYC Wine Class. It is a great way to explore the world of wine and learn how to impress a millionaire at parties whenever a topic of wine comes up. You will learn about various differences in sweetness, taste, body, and tannins of more than twelve wines. Furthermore, you will also learn how wine is made and taste from all over the world.

Around Manhattan Brunch Cruise

By cruising along Manhattan in a fancy, huge yacht, you will surely feel like a millionaire. Taking in Manhattan’s stunning sights and feeling the refreshing river breeze will leave you speechless. To make the whole experience even better, New York’s Classic Harbor Line offers a delicious brunch for you to enjoy. The menu consists of things like fresh pastries, glazed ham, smoked salmon, Belgian waffles, and much more. To finalize the already perfect setting, you will be served with a complimentary beverage.

Dream Car Tour

Maybe you cannot afford to buy a Ferrari, but you surely can drive one! With the help of Gotham Dream Cars, you have the opportunity to drive the most luxurious cars the world has to offer. These luxury vehicles include world’s most renowned brands such as Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. First, you are taught about critical safety, performance, and handling tips and features for each car. Then the actual fun starts! You will experience pure luxury and joy as you speed down hundreds of miles of NYC roads in these stylish automobiles.

Hot Air Ballooning

By taking a ride in hot air balloon, you will discover a whole new world by enjoying the magnificent views of New York from above. You will soar over pristine rivers and calm countryside, all the while feeling like a privileged guy and relaxing. This is an amazing luxurious activity to take a date to because sipping elegant champagne while enjoying the sunset view as you glide above the trees is absolutely remarkable.

Charter a Yacht

What could be better than spending the day enjoying the peace of drifting on the water and breathing in fresh ocean air? Yachts are a symbol of luxury and wealth. By chartering a four-hour cruise in a luxurious yacht, you can enjoy the amazing view of Manhattan skyline and get close-up views of Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, and other popular sites.

In conclusion, New York offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. The above-mentioned activities are merely a tip of the iceberg.