Jaipur is generally known everywhere throughout the world for being a fabulous city for touring yet very little is said in regards to its food. The food in Rajasthan, for the most part, comprises of vegan and sweet dishes which likewise functions admirably with the atmosphere as it keeps your body cool. This article discusses the different dishes of Rajasthan.

Food is calling to many destinations and a visit to Jaipur without experimenting and flirting with its cuisine is simply impossible. Despite the fact that most of the culinary scene in the city depends on vegetarian food, the city does not frustrate the meat lovers in this regard. However, at some of time if Jaipur has tested your patience enough, head on to Hyderabad by catching the Jaipur to Hyderabad flights and eat your fill. Every kind of meat cooked in different styles, especially Mughlai can be found in this city. Here are some of the popular food you need to try in Jaipur.


The modest ‘kachori’ is a must try in Jaipur. Unlike how it is made in the rest of the country, the ones found in Jaipur are often soft and fluffy. The filling is much more yummier and impossible to miss trying when you are in the city. There are two sorts of kachoris you can find in Jaipur are Mawa kachori and Pyaaz kachori. The previous is has a sweet filling inside it comprising of mawa and sugar syrup while the last has a filling of pyaaz (onions) and other ground flavors.


A southern style sweet dish, Ghewar is something you can discover amid any festivals or celebrations in Jaipur. It comes in combinations, for instance, plain, desi ghee and mawa. A flat out need have amid festivities, for example, Teej and Gangaur and available in an extensive measure of collections, for example, plain or with mawa. It is a bubbled sweet with a sweet covering and is a standout amongst the most standard treats in Rajasthan.

Dal Batti Churma

Seen as a Rajasthan strong point, Dal-batti-churma, is a wholesome Rajasthani dinner. Dal, or lentil curry, is served with Bhatti, a round of stuffed flour bun like that is made on a charcoal fire or stove. Bhatti comes in combinations goes about as a substitute for rotis. You could settle on plain batti, masala, dry natural item or missi battis. Batti is made out of wheat, flour, millet or a mix of maize and wheat flour, with piles of ghee.

Mirchi vada

Mirchi vada is fundamentally huge chillies the length of your palm plunged in besan(gram flour) and deep fried in piping hot oil. Made more like samosas and kachoris, the mirchi vadas have the composition of a firm and crisp exterior with a soft and delicious center as you bite through.

Rajasthani Subji

Rajasthani curry, Gatte ki subji, Ker Sangari, and Mangodi are the standard subjis you can find in Rajasthan to get the true Rajasthani flavors and spices. A papad-plain or masala – is a flat out need to serve as sides during dinners as a custom in Rajasthan.


What is intriguing about Rajasthan is the variety of rotis one gets, even in the roadside stalls. A portion of the variations found in this division is channa ki roti, besan ki roti, methi puri and rumali roti.

You should definitely scout for a decent restaurant serving authentic Rajasthani cuisine and try one of their delicious thali and try each and every element of the thali they serve you.