You are only important with what can be accomplished out of you in the market place. SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is probably one of the greatest investments that you can make as an individual or as an organization as the world is moving ahead towards data and more data.

What is SAS, anyway?

 No matter the industry, organizations are collecting data at the rate of knots than they can repeatedly handle. SAS provides the whole lot they need to make sense of that data, handle its growth and verify what information brings the most significance to your organization. Whether it is to trim down fraud in banking, speed drugs to market in pharmaceuticals, predict supply and demand in retail, become aware of security breaches in government or spot students at risk of falling behind in education, SAS takes pride in making a distinction.

How Important Is SAS Certification?

Why is SAS important?

SAS offers plentiful IT certifications in the business analytics and intelligence space for techies working with data analytics, data mining, data warehousing, data management, administration and over.

SAS Professional Certification can boost your career as a SAS programmer and offer a variety of supplementary as well. The SAS Certified Professional Training includes five levels of internationally recognized certifications for SAS software users. There are base and advanced programmer certifications, as well as one for developers and the remaining two that indicates expertise in SAS Warehouse technologies. In every module, to become a SAS Certified Professional, one must display a thorough understanding of SAS software by successful completion of one or more level exams.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced SAS programmer, groundwork is a key factor in obtaining SAS Certification. A mixture of options to go well with individual needs will be offered to help you get ready for a qualifying exam, despite the consequences of considering yourself a “self-learner” or depend on formal training classes.

Reasons to become SAS Certified Professional

There are a multitude of reasons why you should immediately become a SAS certified professional in the already competitive World. A quick Google search for “SAS programmer” on major job posting sites will drop your jaw as it returns hundreds, if not thousands of open positions across the globe, most with fat packages. Further dedicated certifications, in particular those involving statistics and modeling, can bring home an annual salary to over one hundred thousand dollar.

Be enough to say, a SAS certification is proven to increase earning power. Added to that with an exceptional work culture, achieving a SAS certification and working as a SAS professional is a well-groomed career move for anyone with programming nerves and a craving for prolonged existence in a single company. SAS Certifications are internationally recognized as the foremost and primary means to test your SAS knowledge. Being a SAS Certified Professional, you can distinguish yourself from others and show that you have the SAS knowledge to make a difference within your organization or outside of it.

So if you think you are ready to bring that change in your career, why wait? Get set and rule the data World!