8 Ways to Reduce Condensation on Your WindowsWindow condensation isn’t just irritating: it can cause serious damage to your home, particularly if you have old windows. When left untreated, the added moisture to your home could ultimately cause further damage in other areas. Interior window condensation usually occurs during the winter, so to limit the damage to your home, here are eight ways you can help reduce the problem.

8 Ways To Reduce Condensation On Your Windows

1. Turn the Humidifier Down

If you’re using a humidifier in any of the rooms in the house, it’s a good idea to it turn it down. This will prevent the humidifier releasing more moisture in the air and reduce condensation in the home.

2. Purchase a Moisture Eliminator

When you have excess moisture in certain rooms, why not buy a moisture eliminator product? You have the choice of using the products in bags you hang up or put on the floor. They can protect items from any moisture damage.

3. Window Insulation Kits

Although these kits are not known to reduce condensation when they’re added to the outside of your window, they will limit interior condensation when put on the inside. When you use these kits on double glazing in Evesham, they can lower the cost of your energy bills.

8 Ways To Reduce Condensation On Your Windows

4. Add an Air-to-Air Exchanger

Although expensive, introducing an air-to-air exchanger will send indoor air to the outdoors and bring fresh air inside your home from the outside. In addition to reducing moisture, they can also eliminate pollutants from homes.

5. Replace Your Windows

If your windows are old, or when you’re unable to just change the panes, you may have to replace the entire window by looking for double glazing in Evesham by Firmfix.

6. Use Weather Stripping

If you want to keep the warm air from escaping, then add some weather stripping on your windows to help limit condensation. It can also help to make your property more energy-efficient.

7. Install Storm Windows

The space between the storm windows can help an interior window to remain warmer and therefore prevent the build-up of condensation and frost on your interior windows.

8. Be Patient

In the same way that dew will evaporate, so will the condensation in your home. When the sun heats up the windows, the condensation on your windows will disappear.