Managing or owning a commercial building means taking care of regular maintenance from the wiring to the roofing. The roof of a building often gets the most damage from constant exposure to changing weather. Because of this wear and tear, it’s important to regularly repair and maintain it.

5 Consequences Of Poorly Maintained Commercial Roofing

Unfortunately, some property owners and managers don’t commit to any form of commercial roofing maintenance. Poor maintenance has many negative consequences. These effects can lead to further structural damage, interior leaks, and ultimately more costs and expenses. Read on for a more detailed list on the 5 consequences of poor roofing maintenance.

Effects of Poor Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Standing Water

One of the most common effects of poorly maintained commercial roofing is standing water. Ponding or standing water occurs due to clogged drains. Because of poor maintenance solid debris from rain and wind are carried and lodged into the opening of drains.

Standing water is a bad thing, especially if it remains for longer than a couple of days’ time. The exposure to water can accelerate the deterioration of roofing material. The water can also eventually seep into the material, causing leaks and further structural damage.

Roof leaks

Another major consequence is roof leaks. Without proper and regular maintenance, it is easy to overlook holes or missing shingles. These exposed areas, coupled with deterioration, allow water to flow through the roof.

Extensive damage can lead to loss of structural integrity. It can also go as far as staining ceilings and dripping down onto your commercial space.

Faulty flashing installation

Flashing is installed on roofs near or around protruding surfaces to seal them off. This serves to deflect water from seams or joints. However, faulty flashing and bad installation does more harm than good.

Expansion and contraction, or improper termination, can tear or break the flashing. Shingles can even be removed. This compounds the problem of water leakage further. Without proper maintenance, these installation problems won’t be repaired quickly.

Damage from improper repairs

Regular maintenance can help you identify damage caused by improper repairs. Improper repairs usually happen when the repair materials are incompatible with the existing commercial roofing.

Added costs and structural damage

One of the biggest consequences of poorly maintained commercial roofing is cost. As the damage becomes greater over time, you might end up facing roofing that’s completely blown off or tented. Structural damage is harder to repair and more expensive as well.

Planning for Proper Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Smaller leaks unattended will grow and become more harmful. In fact, any small problem in roofing can become disastrous to structural integrity later on. The best way to prevent negative consequences is to plan for proper commercial roofing maintenance. Contact a roofing professional near you today!

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.