Condensation on your windows can cause no end of problems and can result in damage to your home if left to fester. It’s usually created from excess moisture during winter when warm air inside condenses on cold windows. It can also happen on the exterior of your windows and in between them, so to prevent this happening follow the advice below to limit any damage.

1. Keep a Humidifier on Low

If you have noticed condensation in a room in your property and have invested in a humidifier, try to keep it on a low setting so that it releases less moisture into the air.

2. Use Kitchen and Bathroom Fans

Using your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans will help to eliminate the moisture from the air, but make sure that they are left on for a short time when you finish, as quite often moisture has no way of escaping from indoors otherwise.

3. Release the Air

Try keeping your windows open, even if it is only for a short while. This will help to release the warm air trapped from inside your home.

4. Check Windows

There are many reasons why condensation occurs on the inside of windows, and double glazing in Tewkesbury is just one way to prevent it happening. You can also check all the seals and look for cracks in the panes.

8 More Ways To Reduce Condensation On Your Windows

5. Raise the Temperature

If you notice condensation on your windows, raising the temperature in the area of your windows will help to limit condensation issues on them. You can do this by turning up the temperature of your home, or you could try using curtains or drapes to keep the temperature higher.

6. Rearrange Your Plants

Plants can create a lot of moisture into the air within a property, so look out for condensation near to your where your house plants are placed. If this is the case, consider moving them to another area.

7. Ensure Adequate Insulation

Make sure you have good loft insulation, draught-proofing and double glazing from professional companies. Firmfix offer double glazing in Tewkesbury.

8. Invest in a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers come in all sizes and prices, so if you have a persistent problem with condensation, you should consider investing in one to help to reduce the moisture and condensation.