Choosing the right criminal Attorney may be the most challenging task when you initiate the process to run-in with the law.  Whether charged with a crime or you want to help someone, retaining a lawyer as soon as possible may save you from future grievances. A lawyer that has expertise in the criminal defense may be the best choice for you, but in certain cases when people cannot afford a criminal lawyer, a criminal defender is appointed for them.  You may face troubles in making a decision about which lawyer will be the best for your case. This article will help you in making a quick decision to let this challenging time pass, by finding an appropriate attorney.

Step 1. Find out the attorney who may handle your case:

The first step to select a suitable attorney for you is to find out what type of attorney will best handle your case. It will serve no purpose if you hire a lawyer that practices in handling cases of violence when you are charged with murder.

Step 2. Determine if you need a Defense Lawyer:

If you are charged with some criminal activity, a Defense Lawyer can benefit you the most.  He may offer you free consultation sessions that may help you to analyze the scenario and the charges filed against you. He may even let you know the defenses that are feasible,  and how you can make a plea to the jury if convicted. If you are charged with serious convictions, it is recommended that you hire a defense attorney to represent your case in the court.

Step 3. Know the job of a Defense Attorney:

Criminal Attorney has the expertise to fight for the cases where people have been charged with illegal criminal conduct. The defense Lawyer who practices on the criminal law has an idea about the prosecutors that may be involved. He may offer you a better piece of advice as he might have handled similar cases in the past.

Step 4. Hire a Defense Attorney, who implements his practice in the area that you require:

Criminal Defense is a very wide field. The area of expertise may include Defense against Rape, violence and murder.  Not every lawyer practices in every field. Some may have experience in the murder defense while others may have it in violence. It is recommended that you hire a lawyer that has experience in the same field that you are charged with, or else you may raise your chances of getting convicted.

Step 5. Analyze the Qualities that you want in your Attorney:

Before you hire an attorney, sit with the lawyer and have a talking session. Look if he has good communication skills. This may help him in arguing during the trials. He must have a good track record in the past, and most importantly he should practice and must have an experience in the sort of crime you are stuck in. You may ask your attorney or any of his associates about the list of cases he has handled in the past. Study those cases and look into the outcome of those cases.

Step 6. Research:

You have the right to interview your lawyer before you hire him. It is essential that you know the background of the lawyer. Find out to which legal organization the lawyer belongs. It is highly recommended that the lawyer belongs to the Count and the State Bar Association (SBA). The best way to know if he has the right experience in Criminal Defense is by knowing if he is registered with the National Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), the State Association of Criminal Lawyers or the ABA’s criminal justice section.

Step 7. The Educational Background of the Attorney:

It is important that you know which law school did your lawyer graduated. Find out all the relevant degrees that your lawyer holds. Ask the lawyer if he ever taught at any law school or published any article. This will let you know if your lawyer is committed towards his job.

The more information you gather about the attorney, the more are your chances of winning the case or relieving yourself from the charges filed against you. Choose wisely, after all, it may affect your future.