Do you wish to block the sunlight enter your dining place and yet want to have the look of the mesmerizing beauty?If the answer is yes, Solar Shade is the best solution. Solar shades also known as roller shades are available in various fabric that come with different colors, quality, and style so that they can be used for any part of your place. The fabric comes in with three different types of varieties: Light Fabric, dark fabric, and reflective fabric. They help in reducing the glare, heat gain due to infrared rays and gives a daytime privacy without blocking the view.

How to Select the Best Solar Shade

There are certain factors that may help you in selecting what type of solar shade will best suit your location and aesthetics, they are:

  • Direction: The first step to select the solar shade is to know which direction is the window facing, East, West, North or South. The heat of the sun has less intensity in the North or the South as it is in the east from morning to noon and west before dusk. So knowing the direction will help you in determining the fabric that should be used that will offer you the utmost benefits.
  • Performance: Solar Shade can help in maintaining the solar heat, reduce the glare and provide the privacy, but none of the fabric can solve all the purposes at the same time. You have to decide what is the most important feature that you will like to implement.
  • Openness Factor: The openness factor gives an indication of the density of the weave of the fabric. A high openness factor fabric will give you a good view of the exterior world but would not reflect the required infrared heat. It does not offer daytime privacy as it lets the natural light enter the room to illuminate the interiors. A low openness factor reflects a good amount of infrared heat, offers high privacy and reduce glare to a very great extent. Most of the benefits associated with the openness factor can be availed by choosing the right fabric and the right color.
  • Color of the Fabric: The best part about using dark colors is that it gives the best glare reduction and the view. But with the pros comes the cons, while offering the best view it may reduce your privacy and absorb the infrared heat that will warm the room.A combination of dark fabric with low openness factor will darken the room. Light colors may give good privacy and reflect the solar heat.

Now that you know how to choose the best solar shade for your window, you can narrow your search by selecting the fabric that best suit your need and requirement. Ask yourself what is your priority, whether you want to save your energy bill or maintain privacy? Do you want to reduce glare and have a good view of the exteriors or combine privacy and light control? Once you get the answer to these questions start selecting a fabric depending upon the openness factor and shortlist the one that matches your criteria. If you want to prioritize the view look for the fabric that offers openness factor of about 5%.