All the industries that work for customer satisfaction with an aim of meeting their leisure requirements fall under or are related specifically to the hospitality industry. This makes Hospitality a big term to define. Big enough that we need to look at these five aspects to get a clear understanding.

We are UNLIKE the Other

The hospitality industry is probably bigger than most of the other industries. Most industries do not pay much attention to the customer satisfaction, like coal, petroleum and steel industries. As they know that even if they are not smiling while they talk to you, it will not reflect on their sales as you would obviously buy from them fuel to run your car, power your machines and light your home.

Our Dependency

A major part of the income is spent on meeting the basics and therefore, there is very little left for spending on these luxuries. So, the hospitality industry is actually dependent on the disposable income. This implicates that these services will be accessed by people who will be either on vacations like tourists or either extremely rich. One more thing that is common between those who spend on luxuries is the leisure time. Without ample time, you may not be willing to spend on the expensive spas, fancy food and cruise trips. And this time, is again available with either the rich patrons or the tourists.

This is the reason that these industries are the first victim of recessions or slumps in the disposable income.

For us, Customer is always RIGHT

The industry is entirely based on satisfying the customers, and this is the ultimate defining aspect of this industry. It is clearly the motive of every business in the world. However, the hospitality industry is all about making the customers happy. These industries are there to provide more than the basics, like food, clothing shelter, if they do, then there are only a handful of them. Hospitality industries are there to provide the luxury that people crave for. This is similar to getting paid by making helping others enjoy.

Optimum Services

Irrespective of the businesses, the industry, relies majorly on their level of service. Excellent services would please the customers while bad experiences would make them go somewhere else or leave your services. It is their duty to keep their customers away from their troubles. They need to keep giving reasons to their customers for maintaining brand loyalty.

We are more than just Hotels

Hotels are often taken to be a synonym to hospitality. This is a misconception that hospitality involves just one sector that is hotel industry. This is just one piece of the cake. Transportation companies of different nature that cater to tourists is also a part of this cake. Some of other sectors that belong to hospitality industry are the airlines, cruise ships, restaurants, event planning and fancy trains.


While there are very similar industries like hospitality industry, its distinctive features and aspects set it apart from the others. They depend entirely on the disposable income and aim to serve the best to their customers.