There are people who want to rent out their apartment or a room to other people for different reasons – sometimes they lack money or communication. But no matter what the reason is, you should know that there are different types of roommates and it is always very important to choose a decent tenant or tenants. And now we are going to talk about how to rent out a room in the apartment properly.

Of course, landlords want their tenants to be responsible, neat and decent. Search such people among your friends or acquaintances.

If you are going to rent out a room to a stranger, find out where he works, his personal data, some information about his relatives.

How to Prepare the Room

First of all the room should be clean. There also should be necessary furniture and household appliances. Moreover, you should prepare the whole apartment. If it is necessary, make repairs, do cleaning, that is, ensure comfort. If there is no a fridge in the room you are going to rent out, you should allow your tenants to use one of the shelves in your fridge. Let them put their own furniture, if they want.

 You as a landlord can set your rules of residence. However, do not forget, the stricter your rules are, the less people want to rent it and, consequently, the less the rental rate is. Try to avoid conflicts. The rental rate also depends on infrastructure: if there are schools, shops, hospitals, shopping centers, metro stations nearby.

The cost of the room depends on the type of a tenant. If it is a young man or woman, you can make a discount for them. And if you have the opportunity to rent out the room to a family, or two friends, a young couple, so you can charge up. Usually in these cases, the price rises to 20%.

The dimensions of the kitchen and the room play an important role in determining the rental rate. Another important factor is the number of rooms in the apartment and the number of people staying in it. People agree to pay more when they feel more comfortable.

Landlords wishing to rent out a room on their own, need to make a comparative analysis, search the prices of similar proposals on the Internet, and bring the average price. You can also call a real estate agency and ask specialists to appreciate your room.

You can Ask a Real Estate Agent to help you find a Tenant

It is also necessary to sign a lease contract with a tenant. It allows you to discuss all aspects of lease: term of rent, rental rate, reasons for termination of the contract, payment. This agreement can be made up on your own (you can find samples on the Internet) or turn to realtors.

If your tenant has got a car, you can also help him monitor the sites that have best prices on parking rentals and choose the parking spot not far from your house.