Success is being served hot on your career platter as a chief human resources officer (CHRO). Wondering? Dare not to think it’s a unicorn. Several studies serve only to reinforce the fact, with 78% of executives considering that their organization won’t be able to succeed without any CHRO. 80% of executives, on the other hand, strongly admit that their organizational success strongly hinges on an assertive and data-centric CHRO having strong hold on various talent issues.

With the growing importance of HR as a business partner, the demand for skilled HR officers is set on an upward trajectory. The one and only way to fuel your career as a successful chief HR officer is to hone your skills. The following are 5 competencies that will assist you in coming shoulder to shoulder with some A-grade chief human resources officers.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills hold the key for you to join the list of human resources leaders, who’ve already made a mark in the industry. However, you should also have some other skillsets, including an outstanding listening skill, trustworthiness, and authenticity during interactions.
  • Leadership: To add success to your position, simply work on your leadership skills. Are you good at drawing, retaining, and nurturing a team efficiently? Do you’ve an effective mentorship skill? Have you strengthened your presence in C-suite? How effectively do you address change management? All these are a few areas falling within the ambit of your leadership skills that will pave your way to become an outstanding CHRO.
  • Board Experience: Successful chief HR officers usually have in-depth experience at the board level, especially when it comes to involvement in the compensation committee of the board. Remember, your strong platform competencies and executive presence will serve as catalyst in connecting with your board members.
  • Strategic: It is essential to keep a wider view of the requirements of the entire organization as against a department or division. Do you have the ability to think and operate strategically to make sure that you are in line with present and future requirements of the organization? Such strategic insights will make your job as a chief HR officer worth your while.
  • Business Focus: Do you know what sets an outstanding HR officer apart from hordes? Unlike others, great HR minds prioritize business over human resources. So, if you aim to fit in the shoe of a class-apart chief human resource officer, go into the depth of your organization, learn its trends, cultures, and organizational structures. Also, think how skillfully you can make use of all the necessary levers and tools to ensure that your organization is catering to or exceeding all its organizational objectives. You have to be curious about your business intellectually, ask various thought-provoking and insightful questions, and gain a better understanding of what it takes to make your organization ride high on success wave.

Here is the time for all HR professionals to dream big on their career and thrive as chief human resources officers.