Limo becomes a status symbol now days. You can make your parties, birthdays, weddings, family travelling, corporate travelling and all the other occasions more memorable and enjoyable with great limos. Limos have a full package of fun for you in a stylish mode. Because it is equipped with sound system, theme decoration, bars, refreshment items, free WIFI and professional chauffeur. It’s a running fun zone before or after the event.  We have wide range of vehicles for you so you can easily select the vehicle which suits you according to your occasion and capacity of peoples. Shuttle service Niagara Falls makes your journey memorable.

Limo Etiquettes You Need To know Before Car Rental

As limo is not your own property, you hire it to avail services so you need to care about certain limo etiquette and not create irritating situation for company and yourself. In case you damaged some limo parts and you found faulty then you have to pay plenty. Your behavior reflects your personality.

So you need to know limo etiquette before hiring vehicle.

Here are list of some etiquette to help you.

Treat the limo as your own car:

Treat the limo as your own car and you want to be treated your car from others. Must practice etiquette and follow rules of hiring. Do not take anything from limo which does not belong to you. Take care of all the things. Do not need to operate things when you do not know how to operate it. Ask the driver for assistance whether to operate wrongly.

In case of any damage you have to pay repair charges. Also leave the vehicle in clean condition at the end of your ride.

Give respect to your chauffeur:

Your chauffeur is a person like you. You must treat him with respect and care. Create friendly relationship with your driver to make your journey happy. Every person has self respect so avoid that behavior through you broke his self respect.  Please do not ask your chauffeur to increase speed limit and breaking the signals because it is against law and also create risk of accidents as well.

Book vehicle according to the seating capacity:

While booking a limo you must consider the number of passenger for whom you are booking the vehicle. Because every vehicle has fixed number of seats. To avoid such misunderstanding ask about the vehicle seating capacity. Let’s check the seating capacity of different models.

Tallying the Numbers

Bride and Groom – Mercedes-Benz S550 sedan or MKT Town Car.

6-8 people – Stretch Limousine

10-13 people – passenger & executive vans

14-35 people – mini coaches

15-22 people – limousine coaches

22-56 people – motor coaches

Take care of your belongings:

You must take care of your belongings because in case of any loss Limo Company will not be liable to compensate your loss. So must check your belongings and valuable things before leaving the vehicle.

Tip your chauffeur:

Normally chauffeurs have very friendly nature. If you are satisfied with their service you must tip them. It’s not a bad thing, tipping the chauffeur increases your respect. While on the other hand if you are not satisfied you will not give them a tip and also complain the service providing company about their chauffeur. It depends on you how much you want to give him as a tip. But it must be 20% cost of your ride.

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