You may have already noticed that many of the ingredients found in pre-workout supplements are also found in fat burners. What’s the deal? Why are do they both share so many ingredients? Keep calm as we reveal the reasons as to why pre-workout supplements have such a similar blend of ingredients as fat burners.


If you compare any pre-workout supplement to a fat burner you will notice that a lot of the ingredients are the same. This is because both supplements contain their fair share of stimulants. Stimulants are useful for 3 reasons, one they increase your energy output, two they increase your metabolism and three they reduce your hunger. For these 3 reasons stimulants work well as a pre-workout supplement as well as a fat burner.

Think About It

Pre-Workout: Motivation & Energy

In order to workout harder, you will often benefit from a boost in energy that enables you to push harder throughout your training sessions, this is where stimulants work well in pre-workout supplements. They increase stamina and endurance throughout your workout, allowing you to push your body even further. The best thing about stimulants in your pre-workout supplement is the way they can help boost motivation and the energy to workout, especially after a tough day at the office.

Fat Burner: More Calories Burnt & Reduced Appetite

On the other hand when you are attempting to lose weight you will often want to reduce your appetite and hunger. While throughout your weight loss workout you will want to burn as much fat as possible while increasing your metabolism throughout the day to burn even more calories. This is where stimulants contain within a fat burner can help put a kick in your step. Taken in the morning fat burners can boost your energy and metabolism levels. Taken throughout the day or before a workout, fat burners can increase the amount of calories burnt in a workout session. Furthermore in both instances, the stimulants in fat burners can help curb your appetite which can help with hunger control.

Workout Supplements & Fat Burners

Types Of Stimulants Found In Pre-workout Supplements & Fat Burners

Caffeine is one example of the many stimulants that you might find in your pre-workout supplement or fat burner. Other common stimulants range from natural sources such as; Green Tea Extract, Yerb Mate, Bitter Orange Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Raspberry Ketones. While other less commonly known stimulants like Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Oleuropein, Higenamine and Picolinate, are found in natural source but in smaller quantities. Regardless of the different types of stimulants and other ingredients found in your pre-workout supplements or fat burners, both can be used before your workout or as a way to increase your fat loss. Hopefully next time you read a pre-workout or fat burner supplement label you will be able to notice the similarities between the ingredients (mainly the stimulants).


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