Are you planning a wedding? Debating between indoor or outdoor? You may need to consider what kind of shelter you will need if you get married outside and whether or not you will have suitable photo opportunities indoors. There are many great options to have a successful and beautiful outdoor wedding. Included here are a few ways to make your outdoor experience perfect.

5 Best Ways To Have An Outdoor Wedding

Rent a Tent

One of the easiest ways to ensure your outdoor wedding will go off without a hitch is to rent a tent. This will mean you have a large structure that can house everyone should the weather turn poor. Additionally, evening weddings can be especially beautiful within a tent due to the options for lighting and seating. If you do wish to get married outside, it can be helpful to have the tent as a simple backup structure for dining or emergency cover.

Utilize a Park Structure

If you are having a more affordable wedding, you may choose to get married in a public park. While you cannot guarantee that other people will not invade your party, you will save large amounts of money by utilizing the park facilities. Many parks have covered structures that can offer power and lights for free. If you do wish to reserve the facility for your wedding, you can rent the space at a minimal cost, likely less than $100.

Have a Morning Wedding

In some parts of the country, there is a proclivity towards afternoon thunderstorms. If you are a local to the area, you will see this coming and be aware to hold off on outdoor activities during that time. However, if you still want to get married in that area, outdoors and around that time of year, it may be wisest to alter the time of day you are hosting your wedding. Morning weddings are quite beautiful and often more cost-effective than other times of day.

Embrace a Forest Canopy

If you are a lover of the woods, consider embracing a dappled sunshine look on your wedding day under a forest canopy. This can offer you protection if a storm blows in and will give you the opportunity for many extremely unique photographs. Dappled sunshine can give the atmosphere a magical feel and your photographer is likely to enjoy the different experience.

Study the Season

If you are dead-set on a certain area, one of the best things to help your chances is to study the weather patterns and know the climate. Areas with an aptitude for afternoon thunderstorms may need to be avoided, and areas with heavy rains in spring or fall may have to be rescheduled. Find an area that suits you and then alter your wedding date to match, or choose a wedding date and be flexible about venue.