The invitees, attendees, patronisers or just friendly callers show their feelings as they right at the entrance when they see the hallway, doorway how inviting it is. The ushers may do their best to walk them and guide into the space meant for varied purposes trying to impress that the guests that they have come to the right spot assuring a cloud nine experience. Yet, a glance beneath their feat could betray the apparent impressive routine. At the door are keepers uniformed oriental or occidental as the place may portray to be in unison with the service or occasion. What is meant by ‘beneath their feet’ is in fact the material they step on, which today comes in a plethora of designs and crafts forgetting and forgiving the past anomalies in etiquette of welcoming.

Welcome With Impressive Hosting and They Will Leave Footprints Of Pride and Gratitude

People of all kinds, races, nationalities, cultures, professions as the categories widens every day, walk through into halls, homes, office complexes, special functions, religious or sacred shrines with intents and degrees of prestige on one end and expressions of respectful attitudes towards men and matters. The last category refers to religious precincts or mansions of royalty and rulers. Appropriate dress codes too adhered to although reluctantly at times. But it does not deny the fact the feet carry the inevitable sin of carrying dusts, dirt and impurities, invisible to naked eyes. This is where floor rugs hit the lime light. They are trampled underfoot, yet speak of the dignity of the space that they lead the entrant into and even usher them out as they leave. Those who come in, as said earlier in a subtle manner get the feel of the place first of the building and the host. So, they are of paramount importance.

The subject under review is not only seen at the entrance. That’s just the beginning for the legs that tread in. Carpets aside, these creations, much smaller in comparison though, dictate a dictum for one to be dignified in manner. They compel a respectful consideration of the rest of the elements of a hall, rooms (bedroom, sitting rooms and even the kitchenette and washrooms), cubicle, foyers you name it, wherever there is interaction of humans. Carpets and linoleums do expect much respect and are equally synchronized by compatible walls and furniture. But the aisles and the narrow walkways that lead into the aforesaid are given prominence as attention carriers.

Welcome With Impressive Hosting and They Will Leave Footprints Of Pride and Gratitude

Delicately designed and crafted, most of these using diverse materials fit –for-purpose, need therefore total care for long-term use. Maintenance consistently calls for the correct machine depending on the material of the mats of this kind. At the door there is much traffic of feet with or without footwear. The latter is possible when there’s a vocal or unsaid ruling to keep the shoes off before you enter and a place is provided for the removed. We could see this in hospitals, especially in the Intensive care unit, maternity rooms and labs. Computer rooms and audio/ video studios too impose this stipulation. It is to preserve the much important sanctity, immunity and sacredness if the enclosure is of the religious kind.

Back to cleaning, those which are less treaded on need less often cleansing than those bear frequent stomps. These doormats would yelp though voiceless, oh gosh! No matter who it is a king or a kid who walk on them. But that is what they are there for. By overuse they will wilt and wither and hence, needreplacements as the hacked mat goes for a triennial cleaning. Having an extra set of these would make the transition smooth. But, why so long for the next bath? Well, it all depends on the frequency of footfalls. There are Vacuum cleaners which do splendid jobs with these miniature carpets that are mostly woven woollen stuff, fibre and rubberized materials. Domestic homes use hand woven patchworks which give a homely feel. They are stitched on to sackcloth underneath by the homemaker usually that are easy to dust and wash.

Dusting in fact is not the ideal as it contradicts the main idea of preventing dust and pollutants filling the air. If so, it has to be done quite some distance away from the building. It is acommon silly practice to dust at the entrance itself for it retains the very elementsthat are supposed to be rid of. What is stuck dry and drift about when the dampness wears off. Wet or damped mats stink. Air fresheners are helpless to combat. Shampooing is good but then it should dry before reuse. Adios is as important as the welcome.