Are you looking for alternative pain relief? Seeking to reduce stress naturally? Trying to recover from a difficult sports season? If so, you may need the healing properties of hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy encompasses a number of therapeutic treatments but refers primarily to the external uses of hot or cold water. These treatments can provide long-term relief for patients and should be considered before fully depending on medication. Included here are a few of the main benefits hydrotherapy offers.

Better Circulation

Improved blood flow is a well known benefit of hot hydrotherapy. Combining heat with stimulating massage can dissolve tension and cause blood to replenish stores in tissue and cells. You may be a sufferer of poor blood flow if you are a smoker, don’t exercise, or remain seated for long periods of time. Proper circulation is the foundation of overall health and without it you can be susceptible to a litany of ailments.

Relief from Tension and Pain

Hydrotherapy is a well known treatment used to aid athletes in recovery from sore muscles, aching joints or other skeletal or muscular pain. You can reduce inflammation as well as relieve tension in muscles and tendons with the use of hot water therapy.

5 Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

Stronger Immune System

This is the least known benefit of hydrotherapy but can be the most advantageous. By improving your circulation with hydrotherapy you are enabling your body to flush lymph node fluid out of your system which relieves your body of unwanted materials more quickly and efficiently. In turn, your body will become more resistant to common colds and other illnesses.

Chronic Stress Relief

Many people already seek stress relief in the arms of a warm bath, but there are combinations to make it more effective. By using hot water therapy combined with massage your muscles will be more relaxed and endorphins will be released to relieve pain. This can slow your body’s response to becoming overly anxious as well as cause you to release tension at the end of a particularly distressing day.

Improved Respiratory System

If you are a sufferer from asthma or bronchitis, time spent in a sauna or steam room can help clear your respiratory system and offer you relief. If you are plagued with the common cold, taking a respite in a sauna may help clear your lungs and sinuses and aid you in recovery. Soaking in a steamy bath can help clear out the respiratory system while removing excess salt from your system. Many allergy sufferers also find that steam can help purge the irritants from their system and give them clearer breathing.

Ultimate Detox

You may already know that sweating is the best way to clear your system of toxins. However, if you are not regularly detoxing with sweat your overall health may deteriorate. By regularly letting your body perspire, your system will be purged of toxins and you will enjoy better overall health.