Google is the most important search engine in the world today and all web designers and content marketers look for ways to ensure their websites make it to the top of the Google search results. Methods of ensuring a high placement include SEO techniques and advertising, while as an individual or company it is a good idea to find a reputable company to create a top performing website for your brand to ensure it has a good placement in the search listings.
Most people are aware of what a search engine is, with many articles available explaining their use, such as this one by the BBC. Most people with access to the internet will use Google as their search engine, though there are other options, such as Yahoo and Bing. Google receives 40,000 thousands search queries every second, making it the leading search engine, which means there are 3.5 billion searches carried out every day or an incredible 1.2 trillion searches every year.

Google Receives 3.5 Billion Search Queries Per Day

One of the reasons Google is so popular is that it lists an astonishing 30 trillion unique URLs. An interesting fact is that it takes Google less than one minute to crawl and index 1 million webpages. This shows us how powerful Google is and reaffirms why it is so important to rank well, especially given that Google holds over 65% of web search volume.

SEO experts work to ensure websites can be found near the top of the Google search results, but equally important is the design of the websites themselves. Web designers are striving to ensure websites are simple to navigate, fast to load and contain relevant information that is easy to find. Whether you are looking for Web design in Newport or design options in other cities in the UK, it is important to ensure you use a web designer that is experienced in designing highly optimised sites that are built with the user in mind. Freelance we design is big business these days and companies such as offer not only web design but also web development, SEO services, social media marketing, domains and hosting.

It is also important to realise that search engines are constantly changing, as discussed in this article by the Guardian, so web designers and SEO experts need to keep up to date with changes to ensure websites rank well.

SEO and Web Design for Higher Search Rankings

Whether you are an individual blogger, a freelance worker, a sole trader or larger company, it is important to have a strong web presence if you are looking to market a service or product. This is why hiring an expert web designer and SEO manager is a crucial step in securing an effective online presence. Google is the number one search engine and although other newcomers such as Baidu are growing at a faster rate than Google in terms of search query volume, Google remains far ahead of all competitors and is still the most important search engine to rank well on in order to boost your business.