It is no secret that our Earth could use a little love.  By being more aware of our impact that we have as humans on the planet we can greatly reduce our carbon footprint and prolong the life of Earth.

4 Simple Ways You Can Live A Greener Lifestyle Today

Many people would like to contribute to a greener planet but aren’t sure where to start.  While there are more in depth ways to make an impact on the planet, sometimes getting started is as easy as a few simple steps that you can start today with very little effort.

Take a look at some of the simplest ways that you can start living a greener lifestyle as soon as right now.

Take Public Transportation or Carpooling

The next time that you have to go somewhere consider taking public transportation rather than getting in your car.  Not only does public transportation cost less, but it also often gets you to your destination much faster.

If you have a group of colleagues at work that also share an interest in saving gas money and making an impact on the earth then you should consider organizing a carpool.  Each day one of you takes a turn driving the group to and from work.


The average person doesn’t realize just how much can actually be recycled as opposed to throwing away.  Depending on where you live, you could potentially go without having to throw a single thing away if you have the right tools and learn how to properly compost and recycle.

Recycling means less waste for the Earth and fewer piles and piles of garbage which pollutes the planet and takes up unnecessary space.  This is one of the biggest contributions that you can make to the planet is recycling properly.

Be Aware of Materials You Buy

Instead of using plastic bags or buying bottled water, opt for recyclable paper bags or buy your own reusable bags that you always have on hand to carry your purchases.  The same goes for water bottles.  Rather than buying a new plastic bottle each time, buy an aluminum or glass bottle that you refill yourself.  Buying a Brita filter is much cheaper than individuals bottles and is a lot better for the environment.

Try to take an inventory of all of the things in your daily life that could be damaging the earth.  If you use things like disposable coffee pods you may want to educate yourself on the damage that these have done on the planet and consider a different way of making your coffee.

Air Dry Your Clothes

By air drying your clothes on a rack and limiting your dryer use, you are cutting back on energy and leaving less of a carbon footprint.  Even air drying just one load a week can make a huge difference.