Boston the city of academics sure does exude nerdy charm to it. Lots of schools and management institutions here may have many to pass this off as a city with not much to do on touristy front. Little known facts about this place like incredible food joints, some hidden party places, and the unmissable historic tales are the clandestine draws of this place. It is only until you go there, that you would not want to leave.

If you are wondering what to do and see in Boston as a first timer, take a cue from these fabulous options or just sign up for some efficient Boston tours.

The Freedom Trail

Boston is soaked in history that can be very enlightening. Being one of the oldest cities of the United States of America, there is so much more to it than its being as an educational hub. Walking around basking some facts of the bygone era can be a delightful experience and no better way to pioneer this than by signing up for a freedom trail.


“Whole City” Walk

If you want something beyond history, then the “Whole City” Walk will bestow you with the opportunity to explore the city history as well as the panoramic terrains of the city. Back Bay, Beacon Hill and the Downtown Freedom Trail is what this walk covers. Indeed, walking around is the best way to explore Boston.

Duck Tours

No, this has got nothing do with ducks per say! The Boston Duck tours is essentially an open vehicle tour that takes you around the prime attractions of Boston. The tour can be very entertaining for kids as well as adults. If you don’t manage to get tickets of these highly-anticipated tours, you can opt for other open trolley tours like Old Town Trolley and The Beantown Trolley. These are indeed the best tours in Boston.


The Museum of Fine Art, The Museum of Science

One of the premier attractions of Boston, the Museum of Fine Art, The Museum of Science is a favorite of both children and adults alike. This is the fourth largest museum in the United States home to some 450,000-odd works of art. These works are a plethora of massive art movements and cultures. The Egyptian artifacts, sarcophagi, and imperial Chinese art are what you must look out for.


Fenway Park

You cannot surpass the city’s being as a major sport oriented city. A good balance of sports and academics here, makes sure that there is no dull Jack around! There is basketball, baseball and hockey on a very large scale. It is a beautiful experience to catch the zeal and sporty vibe of the city at a game and what better place to feel so than the Fenway Park.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Catch the energetic vibe of the city at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace with a dozen of street performers, street food, some delectable drinks and lots cheer in the air. If you heard of Boston as a great foodie joint, this could potentially be the reason! Indulge in some of the best Italian food and seafood here.


Charles Street

Wondering about the possible retail therapy options in the city? The Charles Street is the place to head. Accommodating a good number of shops selling classic vintage and antiques, the street is a winner for all those who love old-worldly things. The street also some of the best Boston bars and restaurants and a few coffee places too. This can be an enjoyable stroll. We repeat, walking is the best way to explore Boston.