While searching for the best places to sojourn in and vacation in, in the much awaited holidays, one goes through myriads options and comes across so many places. With such a mix of possibilities and places to visit, when you are unable to decide where to go, visit Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

And if you are wondering about how to reach Chennai, then there are a plenty of options. You can choose the flights or the trains which run to Chennai. These days there are discounts and offers going on in various cities of India. For eg. if you are travelling from Pune and want to grab the low priced tickets, search for flight Pune to Chennai low cost and you will come across several options to save some bucks. There are also trains running from other cities to Chennai, which you can choose if you want some budget touring.

3 Extraordinary Things You Can Do This Time In Chennai

So, once you are in Chennai must visit these popular places in Chennai.

  1. Mylapore: Mylapore is the historic neighbourhood of Chennai and houses the beautifully designed Kapaleeshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is considered as the soul of the city, Chennai. The Tamil poet and saint, Thiruvalluvar are believed to have been born in this city. 
  1. Markets and Bazaars: Chennai has a plethora of markets and bazaars which sell very reasonably priced items. The George Town is one such popular marketplace which bustles with a flock of people who come here to buy vegetables, flowers and spices. The place is perfect to hone your bargain skills, and buy some cheap priced things, the markets are all crowded and noisy, but worth a visit to experience a traditional Indian market. 
  1. Marine Beach: this is a quintessential beach in Chennai and very popular among not only the Chennaiites but also globetrotters from all over the world, who visit here in myriads. Everyday around ten thousand people flock up here on this beach and experience it at its best. The beach seems breathtaking at sunrise and sunset and the entire vista is mesmerizing. Come here for long beach walks, play sports like volleyball, football and badminton, go rejuvenating yourself by doing yoga and exercises in the serene aura. There are a number of statues erected on the beach surface and also a lighthouse which seems mesmerizing at night. It is a must watch. There are also beach shacks and stalls dotted on the surface where you can buy seafood and other snacks. For fun and adventure, there are rides to enjoy on the beach. 
  1. Turtle Walk: to save and proliferate the Olive Ridley Turtle breed, the student unions collects the laid eggs of the turtles, which sometimes are unable to hatch and die early, and take them to hatchery. This is a great attempt to preserve the turtle population, which otherwise seems to be diminishing. The walk takes place on fridays and saturdays, where these eggs are collected and taken to hatchery for their care and hatching. This is a perfect thing to witness by all the animal and nature lovers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Quickly look for the flight Pune to Chennai low cost and visit Chennai today.