Studying medicine and making a career as a physician/doctor is the dream of millions of students worldwide studying in their high school or even lower. In fact, many students look to become a doctor for their childhood but not all of them go on to make their dream a reality. There are various reasons for it like the limited seats and not many med schools in a particular city or region, but there’s one aspect that you can associate with virtually every degree program, and that is to afford the high cost of studies.

Virtually all over the world, in the private sector universities, the fee is a big issue for students who can’t afford it. And this can be heartbreaking for many students who are studious and even pass the test and clear the interview too but can’t afford to pay the fees, sometimes exorbitant, and that’s why opt out of the program. This is one reason why they need to look for alternatives or for a solution in a positive way.

In this blog I’ll try to offer you 2 solutions so that students reading this and who can’t afford to study medicine can do so with ease.

  1. Students can earn Scholarship and Pursue their Dream

Now this is one aspect that is quite straightforward as every student knows about it but can’t get it. There are many things that you need to understand and analyze before you apply for a scholarship in any med school. You can apply for this in all the schools are virtually everyone offers some kind of scholarship to students but this isn’t enough for some students as they need at least 50% waiver or even higher so that they can study with full peace of mind.

Another aspect that is confusing for students here is that the process of applying and then securing the scholarship is sometimes so cumbersome that some of them simply don’t know how to proceed. The help desk or students’ counselor’s role in this concern is of paramount importance. So as a student you must consult them for making sure you can get the scholarship you need.

  1. Loan

Students from under-privileged households or families can study medicine as it is not perceived as a viable option for them by many. There are many aspects that are involved in this step too as taking loan is a double-edged source. If you take the loan, it is not that difficult to get it but to repay it can be difficult. And just in case, God forbidden, you will not be able to complete the degree program, then it will be like a nightmare to you.

Students need to take care of the loan process right for the start. There are various aspects that you need to consider like the amount of loan and the time you need to repay it. That’s why the students need to be vary of this aspect and should go for the loan only if there is no chance for them for getting the scholarship. Please consult your counselor in the med school or even in the high school who can guide you through the price.


Final Word

Hard work never goes to waste. I hope you must have heard this phrase but its real meaning is understood by students who doesn’t get admission in a med school by just a whisker. I am sure that all of my readers now understand the true meaning for hard work and dedication that is required to get admission in any university of Caribbean medical school or one in US/Canada. There are many factors that are involved in this and if you have don’t have the complete knowledge in this concern, then you will definitely take a hit. There are many ways in which you need to make sure that you are on top of your game so that you can make the cut in a med school of your choice.

If you need further information for this, or want to offer your feedback for this blog, please don’t be shy and ask for my support. Please use the comments section below in this concern.