We all want to excel in life and when we are associated with the world of the Internet, there are a million possibilities. One such possibility which is exceptional in its own way is none other but starting your own website. Now, there are thousands of options that one can consider to start their own business, but one particular website option which I consider as interesting is none other but the idea of reseller hosting.


Reseller hosting service is an incredible hosting service that meets the needs and norms of every niche.


The Quickest Way to Setting up Your Reseller Hosting


Step # 1: Buy a Reseller Hosting Package from a Reliable Host

First of all, make a purchase for the reseller hosting service from a reliable and cheap dedicated server hosting provider. Make sure to pick out the package which fits best to your server hosting requirements. It all depends on how much traffic you have forecasted the website should experience.


Step # 2: Code the App API and integrate it At the Backend

The next step is to brainstorm how to develop the API for the reseller company. Once you have coded the API then integrate it at the backend of the website. You can also add an existing billing system or you can integrate a completely new billing system at the back-end of your website.


Step # 3: Offer More than Just a Normal Reseller Hosting

The next step is to determine which services are you opting-in to offer. Also, it is important that you should perform thorough research and identify which of these services are mandatory to include. You are not bound to just offer to host service through your platform. You can also include some other services such as how to protect my website from DDoS and whether firewall security is essential or not.


Step # 4: Create the Costing Packages Involving the API

Once you have integrated the API, then design your entire website incoherence to that API. For example, if you are offering three different options then you need to classify them into different pricing plans. People usually choose the package which is the most lucrative option for them. Usually, people pick out the middle one as it is not at the low end or the high-end.


Step # 5: Keep a thorough Check on Your Server Scalability Option

Last but not least, keep consistent monitoring and see wherever you have the option to scale your server. In fact, when you have purchased the service from a reliable place such as HostNOC, then you can upgrade to a dedicated server reseller package and handle the incoming influx of the network traffic.


So whether you are planning to launch your server between a Unix/Linux based system or planning to run it on a Windows-based system, a good server is highly significant for your online solution. Each of these operating systems has their respective pros and cons. However, the only differences which exist between the two are fairly technical.