It does not matter how many times you set sail, you will never have the same experience twice. Maybe the best feature of a yachting trip is the time to unwind. Lying in your hammock, enjoying the sunset with wind rushing through your hair and the smell of the salt in the air – that is what life is all about. Yachting may be a great way for you to charge up your batteries, however, your experience largely depends on the location you choose. The world is full of spectacular destinations to drop your anchor in seclusion, but sometimes it is nice to tie up to a town dock and explore the land and the region you visited.

Feasting, shopping, swimming, relaxing and sightseeing are some of the key elements to making the most of the time you spend on vacation. Different destinations around the world offer different cultures, landscapes and cuisines for you to discover while you are docked. In addition, you have to have a good service to maintain your vessel so you can enjoy the trouble free boating as you continue your journey.  One of the advantages of yachting is that you can visit several locations in one trip, so here are the top 10 locations that will provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience that you will remember for the rest of your life:

  1. Bahamas

10 Top Yachting Destinations

For decades now, the Bahamas have been drawing many super yachts to their shorelines. The Abaco Islands provide an aquatic vacation for every taste, whether you are searching for a discreet beach or a flamboyant island town to explore. The water is always calm and warm, and onshore you can find a variety of bars, fine restaurants and cafés and museums.

  1. Greek Islands

These islands provide you with untouched nature and thousands of years of history and traditions. There is no question that the best way to see all of these wonders is by ship, you can go onto dry land to view the ancient marvels and make a new port on a daily basis.

  1. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Croatia is one of the Mediterranean’s hidden gems; with more than a thousand islands and with plenty of marinas and harbors; it is a mariner’s heaven. It offers a clear sea, tender summer climate and charming, old-fashioned towns and villages. If you choose to go there, you must visit the “Golden Horn” beach, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

10 Top Yachting Destinations

  1. Phuket, Thailand

Due to its all-encompassing coastline, lavish islands and beautiful rock structures, Phuket is considered one of the finest sailing destinations in the Southeast Asia. Phuket is also a popular destination for sailors who want to escape the hectic everyday life, and enjoy the wildlife, tropical vegetation, hidden inlets and bays.

5.French Riviera

The Côte d’Azur includes the French Riviera and Monaco, loaded with tourist attractions ranging from lavish casinos and hotels to extravagant boutiques. If you choose the right time of the year, you can sip champagne on your yacht during the Cannes Film Festival or the Grand Prix of Monaco. However, there is another side of the French Riviera down at the Port Cross islands where people go to get away and relax.

10 Top Yachting Destinations

  1. Corsica, France

Corsica is one of the best kept secrets of the Western Mediterranean; its seclusion has kept it free of frantic tourist hordes, leaving it with a touch of agelessness. You can find refuge from reality in some of the small fishing villages and untouched old harbors scattered along the historic coastline.

  1. British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

One of the main attractions of tourist sailors are the British pubs along the seaboard, countless travelers spend each day in a different port, visiting as many pubs as they can. The capital isle of Tortola offers the tourist a chance to see the sights of the ancient ruins or to loosen up in one of the many active yacht clubs. Know that some waters here are not as friendly as one would like them to be, so always check your boat before you set sail. If you need anything fixed, try shipwrights.

  1. Florida Keys

10 Top Yachting Destinations

Tropical climate, lovely breezes and clear waters make Florida a great location year-round and a true pleasure to sail there. You can unwind while you cruise with your yacht at a slow speed and see the clear sandy bottom at 6 feet. When you are not sailing, you can always enjoy fishing, diving and water-skiing – regular tourist attractions that are recommended to everyone.

  1. Sicily, Italy

The island at the boot of the Italian landmass attracts the people with some of the most famous beaches in the world. The remote Egadi island lies on the west coast, while the rough volcanic islands of Lipari, Volcano and Salina rest on the north side. If you are in the mood for some exercise, there is amazing hiking to be done on all of these isles, or you can go swimming and fishing in the minute bays.

  1. Hawaii

Probably the most popular vacation destination in the world, what can be said more about Hawaii. Everybody dreams about sailing in the warm waters of the central Pacific Ocean, surrounded by Hawaii’s breathtaking natural beauty. You can watch the dolphins and the humpback whales from your deck or you can wander ashore and “get lost” in the magnificent rainforests.  As you are sailing past the many beautiful islands you may choose to stop off at one of them.  Each island has its own charm and beauty.  If you choose to stay over on an island like Maui for example you can stay in one of the beautiful Maui Villas to get a great nights rest before your next day of sailing.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys exploring new destinations and traveling with her family.