How long will the Eye Exam Take

You should expect your comprehensive eye exam to take 20 to 30 minutes, and you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire. The Optometrist in Calgary will want to know if you have any specific reason or concerns for you visit, remember to take your eyeglasses or contact lenses to the appointment.

Examining your Eyes

During your exam your eyes will be checked inside and outside to assess the health of eyes and identify any other medical problems. The lights in the room will be at this point and an Ophthalmoscope is used, a torch which shines a light through the pupil. This allows a detailed study of the internal structure of the eye and test the reflexes of the pupil itself. Many Optometrists offer extra tests for an additional charge. For example photography of the interior of the eyes, as well more tests may be needed for fitting contacts lenses and checkups. There will be an extra charge for these as well, be sure to ask questions during the course of your exam.

How Do Optometrists Determine Prescription?

Next a series of test will be carried out to determine the type and extent of any vision problems. You will be asked to choose between different lenses to see which help to improve the quality and clarity of your vision. Further testing will be done to check eye movement and coordination. For instance, do they work together and that undue stress isn’t put on the eye muscles, good muscle balance is important for reading and computer use.

Vision Correction

During the course of your exam it may be determined that you need corrective lenses, if this is not the case you will be given a written report of your eye health. If it’s determined you need medical treatment you will be referred to a hospital or Doctor. A written prescription will be provided identifying what corrective lenses  the eye exam determined were needed. The Optometrist can suggest whether eyeglasses or contact lenses best suit your lifestyle and personal vision needs. Purchasing your corrective lenses where your eye exam was done is recommended as this may avoid and problems for you, Information on the type, care and how to fit your contact lenses will be provided when they recommend your next exam.

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