Installing a new kitchen, or upgrading an old one, can be a labourious project. It can also be a daunting project, especially when it comes to design. The kitchen needs to be practical (since a lot of work will take place in the area) but it also needs to be beautiful and cosy (because it’s the heart of the home). It’s not often easy to find that perfect balance, especially not if you’re on a budget.

Still, the project could be a lot of fun, especially if you allow yourself to consider different options and are excited to add your own personal touch to the heart of your home. Here’s your complete guide to updating your kitchen – how to do it properly, and within your budget.

Think about the practical side first

Your kitchen serves a function. Although we all want our kitchens to look good, the main purpose of the kitchen is to cook; hence, invest first in those items that allow you to do so. Think about the practical side of things first. What will you do there? What will you need? How much storage space should there be, and what kind of items should be stored?

Decide on your budget

Not all of us are rich – so decide on a budget and stick with it. However, when it comes to kitchens, it’s often worthwhile to note that you should have a long-term plan. Go for quality, and make improvements when you can.

Update the worktop

The worktop is often the centre of the kitchen; make it good, make it count – and make it beautiful, as a well-known supplier of worktops like know very well.

Working on a budget

Redecorating your kitchen will cost money, so make sure you have a budget lined up and that you stick to it. Here are some ways to save money in the short term:

  • Add paint – a little bit of paint can add a lot of colour and character.
  • Accessories matter – it’s the little things that matter. Make it your home.
  • The feature wall – why not have one wall that stands out from the rest?
  • Choose tiles carefully – not only are tiles practical in terms of cleaning and maintenance, they are also relatively cheap and can add to the décor of the kitchen.

If you are really on a tight budget, try to incorporate a project flow into your planning – you don’t have to upgrade the whole kitchen right away; you can divide it into several projects. It’s important, however, that you have a vision of how your kitchen should look like. Enjoy the process; you’ll be making an important investment that not only increases the quality of your life, but the value of your home as well.