We already know that the cannabis plant is comprised of many different compounds, called cannabinoids. But there is one compound which has arguably gained a lot of attention, both from experts and enthusiasts, in recent years: CBD. CBD is making waves not only for its purported benefits for the treatment of depression and anxiety but also for its potential as a treatment for chronic pain and other ailments. But while research on the overall effects of CBD is still going on, a lot of people have already tried it – and these individuals are highly satisfied with the results. There are different ways of taking CBD, however, and if you are thinking of learning more about it and trying out the compound for your own benefit, here’s your all-important guide to taking CBD: what is the best way for you?

CBD Edibles

If you want to be a bit more discreet when trying out CBD, you can go for CBD edibles first. There is a wide variety of edible products available, and these include truffles, gummies, candies, and so on. What’s worth noting, however, is that when you take CBD as an edible, it will first have to be broken down in the digestive tract and liver, and this means that the compound may take some time to kick in. In fact, it may take as much as two hours, and you may only be able to absorb about 20 to 30% of the compound.

CBD Sublingual Options

Many of the CBD edibles available today contain preservatives and sugar, so if you would like to avoid consuming any additives, you could try CBD sublingual products.  A CBD sublingual product is made to be absorbed underneath the tongue, and these products include CBD tinctures, which are produced by soaking the flower in alcohol or oil, or oils, lozenges, and sprays. If the CBD is absorbed under the tongue, you can preserve more of it, and its effect will be more potent, and you will feel the effects much quicker as well. The good news is you can buy CBD oil and other CBD sublingual products in different spectrums from reputable sources, so you can experiment with the dosage which works best for you.

CBD Topical Products

CBD topical products are also more popular nowadays, and you can apply a topical product directly to your skin. There are, for instance, lotions and creams infused with CBD, and there are also balms, transdermal patches, and salves. You could opt for a topical product if you would like to treat pain that is localised rather than general or if you would like to treat a skin condition such as eczema. In a study done in 2015 on rats, scientists found that a CBD gel product rubbed onto the skin was able to reduce swelling in the joints, which promises great potential for people with arthritis.

One good aspect about topicals is that they can provide you with relief that is more concentrated or focused on a particular area, although it would be better to apply a more generous amount of the product and choose a product with a higher dosage since the skin’s permeability is poor compared to that of the mucous membranes.