Yercaud is a much-visited tourist destination of Tamil Nadu in the Salem district and its Servarayan Festival which is held in the month of May is immensely celebrated. There are many attractions in this hill town that will refresh you and offer recreation. Read on.

Yercaud is a hill station in Salem of Tamil Nadu which is situated on the Shevaroys Hills of Eastern Ghats. At an elevation of 1515 m, this is hill town is very popular among tourists in India. Hotels in Yercaud see a lot of guests throughout the year. At the highest point in the town is situated the Servarayan Mandir. There is a dense forest near the Yercaud lake from which the temple derives its name. Since Yercaud is very popular among the tourists, it is also called the Jewel of South. The town can be reached from Salem which is just 30 km away. The climate of Yercaud is very pleasant and the temperature never rises above 30 degree celsius. This makes the place a great destination throughout the year and it is one of those places that becomes more soothing during the summers. Even trekkers from across India come to Yercaud and move along the Eastern Ghats.

The scenery and beauty of the entire Yercaud hill station is stunning and refreshing. It is a place that can be visited with family, friends, or even on a solo trip. Not just nature, the place is also abundant in plantations and orchards. A number of citrus fruits are grown in Yercaud. Some other fruits found in plenty here are jackfruit, pears, and bananas. You would also spot a number of coffee plantations in the entire region and it makes for a good tour of the area. Yercaud also hosts a number of wildlife species and hence it is a wonderful place for spotting deer, bison, foxes, squirrels, and a dozen of other species of fauna. National Orchidarium and Botanical Garden of Yercaud is a must visit place for noticing a diverse variety of fauna here.

There are many sites of attractions for tourists in Yercaud. Yercaud lake which is surrounded by gardens and deep woods is a place for excursion and recreation. The Lady’s Seat point offers a sweeping view of the entire valley and there are telescopes to help you there. A 27 meters high Killiyur Fall is also worth a visit. The annual festival in which the Servarayan Temple is decorated and a festival of the deity is celebrated with a lot of fanfare is simply a treat to watch. The festival is celebrated in May. Near Norton’s Bungalow is situated the Bear Cave which is another tourist attraction in the hill town. It is considered the sacred abode of Lord Murugan who is revered deity in South India. Green House is the place where you can witness several varieties of plants and species. There are some other popular sites of interest in Yercaud as well. Rose Garden, Silk Farm, Shri Lalitha Tripura Sundari Amman Temple, Pagoda Point, and the Grange are few of those places.

Nearest airport to Yercaud is in Salem. For a reasonable stay in a comfortable accommodation you can choose from one of the cheap hotels in Yercaud.

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