According to our former President John F. Kennedy “The time to repair the roof is when the Sun is shining” and “Precaution is better than cure”. So, before it is too late and you have to change or even mend the roof for the upcoming snow or occasional rain if you hail from the coast. There is always a need to keep your roof in a perfect condition.

“The sky’s the Limit if you have a roof over your head”

– Sol Hurok

Winter Is Coming: Tips For Maintaining Your Rooftop

Just like everything else in your place, the roof is also important. It is like the crown of your empire. It is also your first defence against natural forces like harsh weather, wind, hail, rain and snow. While everyone wishes that the roof over their head last a lifetime, but they seldom pay any attention to it’s needs. No matter how good the material you have used to make the roof of your place but if you neglect it completely, it will deteriorate over time.

So in other words, if you wish to keep one, it is essential that you maintain the roof over your head. You don’t have to do this multiple times a day not even daily. However, if you just follow these simple tips.

Winter Is Coming: Tips For Maintaining Your Rooftop

Prevent Exposure to Moisture

Moisture is like roof cancer. If your roof has any shady areas or there is an overhead water tank on your roof then make sure that the space under that tank is dry. You could either ask a roofing expert to add a layer of tar coal or any other water repellent below that part. Also, make sure that there is a proper sewage system to avoid any stagnant water on the roof.

Make sure there are no Debris/Granular Issues

Small debris and twigs on the roof are the symptoms of decay. It is the gateway that leads to the wear of roofing material. So if you wish to safeguard the integrity of your roof make sure to have a quick scan of your roof for debris and twigs. It is also a healthy habit to trim the trees in your compound. Not only it helps in their growth but also gives an attractive look to your backyard.


If your roof has a window for ventilation, you need to take a closer look around the area. If you feel that there is an issue with the ventilation system, or in the flow of air through the ventilation system, then check the roof. The area around the roof accumulates a lot of moisture that rots the wood and metal around the area. This is not healthy for you. Firstly, the air quality is compromised and secondly, it deteriorates the frame of the air ventilation on the roof.

All these tips ensure that your rooftop remains to the best of its health and stay that way for long.

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