If you’re looking to use a graphic design company, whether to put together a brochure, website or to produce the best 3D digital images in the UK, with so much choice around, it can be hard knowing where to look. Here are some tips for choosing a great graphic designer.

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Experience and Understanding

According to Business Insider make sure the designer has experience in the medium you plan to use or has solved design challenges similar to yours. The designer should understand your purpose, your content and how to deliver that to you and your customers.


As well as asking to see examples of previous work, scrutinise testimonials from past customers as an indicator of satisfaction and value for money. Ask around if anyone can recommend a good graphic design agency, as recommendations can be very useful when you have no prior knowledge or experience of who to use.


It’s often the case that you get what you pay for in graphic design, so try to devote as much of your available budget as possible if you want to get the best results. That’s not to say you shouldn’t shop around, but always find out what you get for the price, and how your budget can be maximised to the best effect. As part of the package, find out about copyright issues as well as how many changes can be made to meet your requirements.

A Unique Offering

In order to stand out from the competition, look for a graphic designer who can offer something different. You’ll need to stand out from the crowd and be memorable, so don’t churn out the same sort of materials as your rivals. If you sell bespoke products with high visual appeal, consider getting 3D digital images in the UK, produced by experts such as redandgray.co.uk, for example. This allows exceptional quality images to really stand out and come alive, creating alluring appeal to consumers.


A good graphic designer should be able to stick to deadlines they have given for work, and should communicate with you every step of the process, particularly if changes need to be made. Communication is key when using an external designer, so gauge how effective you feel they are at getting back to you and explaining ideas and issues right from the outset.