Why This Social Media Development is Hugely Exciting

Facebook isn’t just being used to procrastinate at the office – it’s slowly becoming a great way for a team to communicate.

If you want your business to be a success, it’s vital that your team work well together. A happy team will work more efficiently, communicate well and encourage each other to realise their full potential. It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product or service in the world – if you have a disjointed team it will never be a triumph. So how can you get your team working as one? Well, if recent news is to be believed, social media could be the answer.

What is Facebook at Work?

Facebook is normally used to procrastinate, and is the pet hate of bosses everywhere. However, the social media giant’s appeal could be harnessed for productivity instead. Facebook at Work is a new project of the company’s – and it could revolutionise the way that we communicate in the workplace. The premise is simple enough – users create a ‘work profile’ that’s separate from their personal one, and use that to keep in touch with their colleagues. They’ll be able to do this by using familiar Facebook features such as messages, groups, events and the mobile app.

Who is using it?

Facebook at Work is still in the developmental stages, but it’s already developing quite a pedigree. 450 businesses have signed up to the pilot scheme, including Royal Bank of Scotland in the UK. Its appeal lies in the fact that most employees won’t need to be trained in how to use it – almost all of us are familiar with Facebook after all. Therefore, a team will work more efficiently together by using it. If you want to sign up, you’ll have to join the queue while Facebook prepare it for general release.

How will it help workers?

So, could Facebook at Work bring distant employees together? Possibly! Using a site like Facebook to communicate with each other at work will put staff at ease, as it’s a platform that they will probably be comfortable with. A more informal, familiar system of communication will help employees to build better relationships with those who they may have been too nervous to approach beforehand.

Technology isn’t always the answer

There’s no doubt that technology has totally transformed the workplace, and Facebook at Work looks set to further change the way we connect. However, there are times when technology alone isn’t enough. Real, face to face team building events help workers to get to know each other and bond in a fun environment. There are so many different kind of team building activities out there – an evening at a casino, a fun-filled obstacle course, or perhaps even the opportunity to work together to bake cakes. These kind of events provide something that you just can’t get online – great memories that your whole team can look back on with pride.

Make sure your business moves with the times

Facebook at Work is a hugely exciting prospect. Not only will people engage with it easily, but the company’s mobile app will allow team members to communicate outside of the office as well, creating strong friendships in the process. This combined with some fun team building events will see your workforce really come together. Happy employees make for a successful business – which is why we should welcome these exciting changes with open arms.

Charlie Berry is the Event Director for London based Zing Events, a corporate event company that delivers innovative and creative team building activities.