Let’s be clear, the vast majority of people are practicing the same type of holiday. This type of holiday includes long stays at the local beach, drinking alcohol from time to time and casual sightseeing. For many people this sounds like the ideal holiday. Of course, we can’t say that this practice is bad, but what we are suggesting will be much more beneficial for your health and this is one of the reasons why people go on a holiday in the first place. So, we are not telling you to make some radical change, but adding a physical activity on your daily schedule while you are on vacation is a good thing.

As you probably know, Thailand is a very popular travel destination today. As a matter of fact, Thailand is popular for more than 25 years now. You’ve probably seen photos and videos from some of the beautiful beaches there and the nature in general. There is also a chance that you’ve seen footage from the interesting nightlife. But, what many people forget is the fact that Thailand is home of Muay Thai too.

The second must do thing in Thailand is learning Muay Thai. It is the famous fight sport here, which is known worldwide because of its health properties. Muay Thai and good health have a direct relation with each other similar to daily exercise and fitness. If you spend 2 hours every day in a gym, you will surely get active and fit body that does not easily feel tired. Like this, Muay Thai is an art that can help you to stay fit, loss fat, and remain active all the day. The different between doing regular exercise in a gym and Muay Thai is when you practise Muay Thai, you need not to do different exercises for different body parts because this art covers all parts by default. It means just by investing 30 minutes, you can get the same results, which you may get with 2 hours of regular exercise daily.

This ancient sport is the national sport of this Asian country and it appears that besides for competitive purposes, people can also get involved in Thai boxing training for fitness purposes too. Namely, every Muay Thai training camp in Thailand such as suwitMUAYTHAI provides classes for tourists or any other individual who wants to improve their health with this sport. As a student, you will get an opportunity to practice almost the same exercises as professional fighters. Of course, their intensity will be reduced, but you will still feel the health benefits. You will lose weight, shape your body and strengthen your muscles, improve the level of mobility and flexibility and enhance your core. The benefits of Muay Thai training go beyond physical health. The fun and challenging classes will also help you get rid of the accumulated stress, improve your discipline and boos your self-confidence. Muay Thai training is definitely something that you should try on your next holiday.