Content is the king, we have heard it a lot. And, why wouldn’t we? It has a plethora of benefits to offer. One of them is its contribution in a company’s online marketing strategy. Almost every big business has been implementing content marketing strategy to drive greater business benefits.

Marketers understand the importance of content marketing, but do they know how doing it right? Most of the businesses are taking content marketing too lightly, especially the startups gearing up to step into the new territory using content as a powerful weapon in the armory.

Only 9% of B2B marketers consider their efforts to be “very effective,” that means a myriad of companies are still trying to discover where they get sidetracked from the path to success. At times, your content marketing strategy needs a few tweaks and fixes, and sometimes you’re evidently doing it wrong.

Why Startups Need To Rethink Their Content Marketing Strategy

But, if you think you are giving your full measure to your startup’s content marketing efforts, yet you’re way too far from the desired results, mentioned below are some of the reasons why your content marketing efforts have been backfiring.

1.     Your plan needs to be refined.

In order to success, you should be clear about the results you are going to have from point A to B. Still, regardless of the logic behind creating a content marketing strategy, a great number of startups are unable to have any sort of direction prepared while generating content.

a)     Start with the KPIs:

Goals are important for every strategy and work plan, the same goes to content strategies. Discover what metrics are essential for your business in terms of traffic, shares, views, click-through rates and conversions, then track them for several months. Always remember that your efforts demand time if you need informative results.

b)     Adjust and develop:

Once you have assembled valuable information about your KPIs, you need to translate the information into steps to adjust and develop, depending on what is working plainly best for your strategy. Things and practices that do not make an impact on your bottom line should be eliminated, whereas positively performing options deserves your focus.

c)      Contribute:

Many content marketing companies are hired to execute result-driven strategies, but you need to come up with your own strategy. Even if you are employing any agency or individual to write content for you, you should devise your own strategy and if your digital marketing agency is creating a strategy for you, you still need to take an active part in fine-tuning it for the best interest of your business.

2.     You’re lagging promotion efforts.

Creating content is good, but what’s the matter of creating it when there is not promoting well. Some marketers think that Google promotes quality content, which is right, but promoting your content makes it more reputable and attract new audiences.

Agree, there are numerous ways for the content promotion, but you need to find out which way is best for your brand. Maybe email newsletters get you more traffic and leads, whereas pitching influencers in their industry may count for you, or maybe social media platform works for you.

3.     Your content quality is below par.

Sometimes, your promotional efforts are good, but your content does not match up to the standards. Reason can be many. Maybe your writer is not good. Remember that if you are paying peanuts, you will get monkeys. Paying less isn’t going to provide you the quality you want.

It’s daunting to discover the topics to write about when you lack experience as a creative producer. Introducing themes and topics, and piecing them together that reads well is intriguing. Make sure your content marketers can help you with.

You also need to check if your targeted audience finds your content interesting or not. Dull and boring content will be read less; you have to present content that is engaging, focused and valuable.

4.     You’re exaggerating your expected results.

Because content marketing demands time, you should not expect amazing results within few weeks, or even month. You have to give your content some time to power up and deliver some organic results. If you are waiting patiently for the results, then you will start to observe the benefits.

Your expectations should be realistic. The results may be drastic, but you might not double your profit or triple your website traffic. However, even little improvements in your results can result in a bigger impact on your business’s bottom line. Digital Marketing, specifically SEO is all about gradual improvements instead of overnight success.

To wrap up

Content marketing is not something to be taken lightly. You have to be sure you are doing it well inside out. These were only a few reasons why content marketing effort may fail, there are many undiscovered out there. However, just because results are not coming up immediately, you should never give up.

Author Bio:

Mawiya is a creative writer in a digital marketing agency that provides content writing and SEO Service in UAE. She is an enthusiast hiker with a passion for writing and eyes for latest marketing trends. She has also tried other occupations: dog-trainer, fitness trainer, and transcriptionist… However, creative writing is her most favorite and recent one

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